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In 2012, struggling Los Angeles science-fiction author Jackson Curtis is a chauffeur for Russian billionaire Yuri Karpov. Jackson 's former married woman ( Kate ) and their kids ( Noah and Lilly ) live with Kate 's boyfriend, plastic sawbones and pilot Gordon Silberman. Jackson takes Noah and Lilly bivouacing in Yellowstone National Park. When they find an country fenced off by the Army, Jackson and his kids climb over the fence. They are caught and brought to the geologist Adrian, who has read Jackson 's books. After they are released they meet Charlie Frost, who hosts a radio show from the park. After Jackson and his kids leave, Adrian learns that the Earth is about to undergo drastic alterations in a few hours, earlier than expected, with merely four of the arks completed.

That dark, after the military evacuates Yellowstone, Jackson watches Charlie 's picture of Charles Hapgood 's theory that polar displacements, Earth Crustal Displacement and the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar predict a 2012 phenomenon. Harmonizing to Charlie, anyone who attempted to inform the populace was killed, including Jackson 's NASA contact. After Jackson and his kids return home, he delivers Yuri 's sons Alec and Oleg to Santa Monica Airport. Recognizing that Charlie was right, Jackson rents a plane and rescues his household as the Earth-crust displacement begins, doing a 10.9 magnitude temblor, and they escape from LA by air as much of the city sinks into the Pacific Ocean.

The group arrives in China. Everyone except Sasha escapes on a Bentley Continental Flying Spur stored in the cargo hold merely before the plane runs out of fuel. Sasha is killed when the plane crashes, and the others are spotted by Chinese Air Force helicopters. Yuri and his sons, possessing tickets, are brought to the Arks and the Curtis household, Tamara and Gordon are left behind. On Ark 4, the American Ark, Adrian is contacted by Satnam, who tells that he is stuck on the Nampan Plateau with his full household as the airlift meant for them ne'er came, with a massive tsunami coming from the east, killing Satnam himself, his full household and all the evacuees around them. Enraged, Adrian estimates that the wave will hit the Arks in 28 proceedingss. The staying group dwelling of Jackson, Tamara, Noah, Lilly, Gordon and Kate, gets picked up by Nima and brought to the Arks with his grandparents. With Tenzin 's help they stow off on Ark 4. Due to the deficiency of clip, Carl wants to go forth instantly, but Adrian manages to utilize Satnam 's decease to convert the universe leaders to allow the people outside in.

As the wave breaches the Himalayas and approaches the site, an impact driver lodges in the ark-door gears, maintaining a boarding gate open and forestalling the ship 's engines from get downing. In the ensuing chaos where many people attempt to board the ships, Yuri, Tamara and Gordon are killed, Tenzin is injured, Ark 4 begins make fulling with H2O and is set adrift after Air Force One crashes into one of its supports, while besides doing it to skim the hull of Ark 6 before drifting off. With Jackson and Noah 's aid, the crew of the Ark manages to recover control of the Ark narrowly before it fatally smashes into Mount Everest.

Alternate stoping

An surrogate stoping appears in the film 's DVD version. After Captain Michaels ( the Ark 4 captain ) announces that they are heading for the Cape of Good Hope, Adrian receives a phone call. He answers the call, and is shocked to acknowledge the voice as his father 's ( Harry ) . Harry tells Adrian that he, his friend Tony ( whose left arm is in a sling ) and several others survived the megatsunami and are shipwrecked on an island. Adrian informs Captain Michaels of this and the Ark heads for them. Kate thanks Laura for taking attention of Lilly, and Laura tells Jackson that she enjoyed his book. Jackson returns Noah 's cell phone, which he recovered during the Ark 4 flood. Lilly says that she sees an island, and the Ark finds the shipwrecked Genesis and her survivors on a beach.


Graham Hancock 's Fingerprints of the Gods was listed in 2012 's credits as the film 's inspiration, and Emmerich said in a Time Out interview: `` I ever wanted to make a scriptural flood movie, but I ne'er felt I had the hook. I foremost read about the Earth 's Crust Displacement Theory in Graham Hancock 's Fingerprints of the Gods. '' He and composer-producer Harald Kloser worked closely together, co-writing a spec script ( besides entitled 2012 ) which was marketed to studios in February 2008. A figure of studios heard a budget projection and narrative programs from Emmerich and his representatives, a procedure repeated by the manager after Independence Day ( 1996 ) and The Day After Tomorrow ( 2004 ) .


2012 was marketed by the fictional Institute for Human Continuity, featuring a book by Jackson Curtis ( Farewell Atlantis ) , streaming media, blog updates and wireless broadcasts from zealot Charlie Frost on his web site, This Is The End. On November 12, 2008, the studio released the first trailer for 2012. With a tsunami surging over the Himalayas and a purportedly-scientific message that the universe would stop in 2012, the trailer 's message was that international authoritiess were non preparing their populations for the event. The trailer ended with a suggestion to viewers to `` happen out the truth '' by come ining `` 2012 '' on a search engine. The Guardian called the film 's marketing `` deeply blemished '' , tie ining it with `` web sites that make even more specious claims about 2012 '' .

The studio introduced a viral marketing web site operated by the Institute for Human Continuity, where filmgoers could register for a lottery figure to be portion of a little population which would be rescued from the planetary destruction. David Morrison of NASA, who received over 1,000 inquiries from people who thought the web site was echt, condemned it. `` I 've even had instances of adolescents composing to me stating they are contemplating suicide because they do n't desire to see the universe terminal '' , Morrison said. `` I think when you lie on the internet and scare kids to do a buck, that is ethically wrong. '' Another marketing web site promoted Farewell Atlantis, the fictional novel about the events of 2012.

Comcast organized a `` roadblock run '' to advance the film in which a two-minute scene was broadcast on 450 American commercial telecasting webs, local English-language and Spanish-language stations, and 89 cable outlets during a ten-minute window between 10:50 and 11:00 pm Eastern and Pacific Time on October 1, 2009. The scene featured the destruction of Los Angeles and ended with a cliffhanger, with the full 5:38 clip available on Comcast 's Fancast web site. Harmonizing to Variety, `` The stunt will set the footage in front of 90 % of all families watching ad-supported Television, or about 110 million viewers. When combined with online and mobile streams, that could increase to more than 140 million '' .

Box office

2012 ranked figure one on its opening weekend, grossing $ 65,237,614 on its first weekend ( the fourth-largest opening for a disaster film ) . Outside North America it is the 28th-highest-grossing film, the fourth-highest-grossing 2009 film, and the second-highest-grossing film distributed by Sony-Columbia, after Skyfall. 2012 earned $ 165.2 million on its opening weekend, the 20th-largest abroad opening. Its largest opening was in France and the Maghreb ( $ 18.0 million ) . In entire net incomes, the film 's three highest-grossing territories after North America were France and the Maghreb ( $ 44.0 million ) , Japan ( $ 42.6 million ) , and Germany ( $ 37.7 million ) .

Critical response

Roger Ebert praised 2012, giving it 3 1⁄2 stars out of 4 and stating that it `` delivers what it promises, and since no sentient being will purchase a ticket anticipating anything else, it will be, for its audiences, one of the most satisfactory films of the twelvemonth '' . Ebert and Claudia Puig of USA Today called the film the `` female parent of all disaster films '' . But Peter Travers of Rolling Stone compared it to Transformers: Retaliation of the Fallen: `` Beware 2012, which works the dubious miracle of about fiting Transformers 2 for sheer, misanthropic, mind-numbing, time-wasting, money-draining, soul-sucking stupidity. ''

Canceled telecasting spin-off

In 2010 Entertainment Weekly reported a planned spin-off telecasting series, 2013, which would hold been a sequel to the film. 2012 executive producer Mark Gordon told the magazine, `` ABC will hold an opening in their disaster-related programming after Lost terminals, so people would be interested in this subject on a weekly footing. There 's hope for the universe despite the magnitude of the 2012 disaster as seen in the film. After the film, there are some people who survive, and the question is how will these survivors build a new universe and what will it look like. That might do an interesting Television series. '' However, programs were subsequently canceled for budgetary grounds. It would hold been Emmerich 's 3rd film to spawn a spin-off ; the first was Stargate ( followed by Stargate SG-1, Stargate Infinity, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate Universe ) , and the second was Godzilla ( followed by the alive Godzilla: The Series ) .


The Tzolkin is a 260-day calendar based around the period of human gestation. It is composed of 20 day-signs, each of which has 13 variations, and was ( and still is ) used to find character traits and clip harmonics, in a similar manner to Western star divination. The Maya besides used a 365-day calendar called the Haab, and a Venus calendar, plus others. They measured long clip periods by agencies of a Long Count, in which one 360-day twelvemonth ( a `` Tun '' ) , consists of 18 ten 20-day `` months '' ( `` Uinals '' ) . Twenty of these Tuns is a Katun ; 20 Katuns is a Baktun ( about 400 old ages ) ; and 13 Baktuns adds up to a `` Great Cycle '' of 1,872,000 yearss, ( 5200 Tuns, or about 5125 old ages ) .

The points Z and Z’ in the picture above are the intersections of the ecliptic with the Galactic Plane and these crossings have been associated by Schele with the Maya Sacred Tree, they are the Gemini-Taurus ( Z’ ) nexus and Sagittarius-Scorpio ( Z ) nexus. As we will show later in the Maya artefacts these points are frequently depicted as two separate crosses XX. We add to Schele’s observations that the Maya Sacred Tree is besides identical to the red cross in the picture above, the intersection of the Galactic Plane with the Solar System’s plane and it’s perpendicular axis to this intersection. This cross is the cross that occurs in the Fejérváry-Mayer Codex with the Sacred Tree symbols on it

2012: Controversy - the Creation Cycles do non stop December 21, 2012,

Over the decennaries much discussion has focused on happening the exact correlation between the Mayan Long Count and the Gregorian calendar. Most research workers i n the field have now come to hold that the alleged GMT correlation, puting the beginning of the Long Count 4 Ahau 8 Cumku on the Julian twenty-four hours 584 283, August 11, 3114 BC, is right. This means by effect that it will stop on December 21, 2012 and most, such as Jose Arguelles, John Jenkins and Terence McKenna, who have taken an involvement in the calendar of the Maya, have endorsed this date as the terminal of the current rhythm.

The grid seems related to a `` map '' called `` Psi Bank Warp and Holonomic Woof '' mentioned in a book called `` Earth Ascending, '' by Jose Arguelles ( page 121 ) . The `` map '' consists of eight Tzolkins joined together demoing relationships between the Mayan calendar, the `` I Ching '' and the 64 DNA codons. Arguelles researched the Mayan calendar, physics, philosophy, geomancy and the `` I Ching, '' and concluded that world is making a `` noosphere, '' or mind layer, around the Earth, which is germinating towards the `` Omega Point of Planetary Awakening '' in 2012, harmonizing to Teillard de Chardin.

Joe Mason explains the Aztec Sun Stone Calendar. The outer pealing part of the Stone is said to be duplicate serpents, one visible radiation and the other dark. I believe the two represent the twins, Quetzalcoatl and Xolotl. They relate to Venus, matching to The Morning Star and Evening Star. Quetzalcoatl, of class, is besides known as Kukulkan ( or Kukulcan ) and the Feathered Serpent. Possibly the depiction of two types of feathers in the center of the formation intimation at the feathery twins of the Aztecs. They are positioned in a general Vesica Piscis arrangement, besides suggestive of duality.

Wind Feng Shui or normally called Qi ( Chi ) energy force

Joe Mason, contributed this extract from Moira Timms ' book, `` Beyond Prophecies and Predictions '' ( p. 256 ) : `` `` The name Quetzalcoatl is derived from the quetzal bird of Guatemala and Mexico. The quetzal had golden-green and red plumage, and was considered the most beautiful of all birds. `` Quetzal '' besides means cherished. `` Coatl '' is serpent. In the Maya linguistic communication, `` Kukulcan '' means about the same thing. Harmonizing to Hunbatz Men, `` Ku '' is sacred, God. `` Kul '' is coccyx, the base of the spine, where latent spiritual energy resides. `` Can '' means serpent. `` Kukulcan '' therefore is synonymous with `` kundalini '' - which is what the Kukulcan/Quetzalcoatl original is all about, of class. To be iconographically right, nevertheless, the god Quetzalcoatl is non himself the feathery serpent, but the 1 who emerges from the serpent, merely as the spirit emerges from the body through the top of the head, and the Morning Star emerges from the horizon. ''

The cropcircleconnector.com people explain: August 4, 2004 Silbury Hill, Wiltshire, England - Whoever, or whatever, is responsible for the August 2 to 3, 2004, crop formation at Silbury Hill, the design in its boundary line is a mirror image of a rare statue of the Aztec God, Xochipilli, The Prince of Flowers, Maizes, Love, Games, Beauty, Song and Dance. Xochi means 'flower, ' while pilli means either prince or kid. In the mid-1800 's, a sixteenth century Aztec statue of Xochipilli was unearthed on the side of the volcano Popocatapetl near Tlamanalco, Mexico. The statue is of a individual figure seated upon a temple-like base.

LAMAT. ( Star ) The Mayan star. This step is fundamentally about larning to love. You develop a tolerance and a compassion for yourself and others. The ability to love yourself is really of import in achieving wisdom, and it is perfected here. You begin to experience a profound sense of your ain value and a love for yourself precisely as you are. You evolve this self-love into a deep love for humanity and a love and caring for the planet Earth. Chew overing with this glyph will assist you retrieve and keep the vibration for unconditioned love. The solar glyph painting Lamat portrays with colors our coming away into being from love when we awake, making our organic structures out of visible radiation, so our return back to love, which we all do each clip we fall asleep. Lamat is the symbolic portrayal that love is what we are.”

For illustration, if the two components of some binary system at the centre of our Milky Way were to revolve one time every 5125 Earth old ages, so they might strongly emit gravity waves merely one time during some brief portion of that common orbit, when they come near together. If that is the instance, so a twin pulse of gravity waves and x-rays could potentially be emitted from the centre of our galaxy one time every 5125 old ages. It would so take another 40,000 old ages ( approximately ) to make Earth and Sun at light speed c.

Isabelle Kingston noted, from supposed psychic contact, that crop pictures are being given now `` at a cataclysmal clip in Earth 's history '' ( see Freddy Silva 's book ) Both Wayland 's Smithy pictures of August 2005 and July 2006 could credibly be interpreted in footings of astronomical rays which will impact Earth and Sun in mid-August 2007. An alternate explanation for Wayland 's Smithy of July 2005 in footings of `` skyscrapers '' can non explicate why it shows legion mathematical codifications See besides HERE Finally, sing to the supposed future prognostic ability of our crop creative persons, the putative August 2007 event will be a good test to larn whether they might be truthful and dependable refering December 2012 Or as John Locke one time wrote ( Essay Concerning Human Understanding, 1690 ) , `` In matters of substance, experiment can be our lone guide. '' If the crop creative persons do hold wormhole / time-travel engineering, as suggested by five other pictures this twelvemonth, so their arcane beginning of cognition seems axiomatic! By contrast, the Chronology Protection Postulate of Stephen Hawking asserts that past-transfer of future-knowledge would non be permitted by `` the Torahs of Nature '' . But nil is more common than for great scientists to disagree...

In The Mayan Factor by José Arguelles, we understand that LAMAT marks the beginning of the concluding AHAU rhythm which includes all 13 Katuns. This concluding rhythm is a culmination of the Baktun of the Transformation of Matter and began in the twelvemonth 1756 to be completed in the twelvemonth 2012. The energy of LAMAT is to ‘Seal [ the whole mind of the universe ] with the Star-Seed Harmony’ . LAMAT heralds a new manner of life on Earth and a new experience and apprehension of material life, including our ain organic structures. This is surely reflected in the beautiful and elegant symmetry of this crop circle.

And so this energy is coming from a really advanced constellation. Actually it 's three constellations set up in the form that we are familiar with - the triangle. And it is the rhythm. They 're sending the energy through this black hole into Galactic Centre. 2012, December - the date that that energy comes through the black hole is non the same date that the kid will be born. Even though it might look that it should be instantaneous it is non. There is a lag period from the clip that it comes through the black hole. No. It is non that. From the clip that it is discharged from this triangular configuration and so moves through the black hole and so into Galactic Centre. And it is that energy that comes through in December that transforms Earth. Not merely Earth but it imprints our full solar system. And so all the planets are shari ng in this energy form. The other planets in our solar system, they imprint this energy besides. Of class the energy comes through the Sun.

Energy comes through the Sun and joins that minute. It will reiterate what happened earlier when the solar wind stopped ( 1999 ) hypertext transfer protocol: //science.nasa.gov/newhome/headlines/ast13dec99_1.htm. The negatrons that are the solar wind will halt. It will halt for three yearss, as that energy which came through the black hole imprints Earth. And of class it will imprint all of the other planets. The planets, each of them forming in some fashion their energy. Because each planet has a different energy, you know, and a different intent. And during those three yearss this energy will wholly change the particles on Earth. They will be transformed. It will be like an explosion into eve ry particle on Earth, and human existences even, where the negatrons will hold more space in between them. The planet will be re-patterned.

I encourage you to see the crop circle web site at hypertext transfer protocol: //www.cropcircleconnector.com/2008/aveburymanor2/aveburymanor2008b.html and see for yourself what the analysts have come up with about this crop circle. It correlates strongly with this channeling. It is a tangible, existent universe pointer to what is unfolding. In fact, I suggest you begin with hypertext transfer protocol: //www.cropcircleconnector.com/2008/aveburymanor/aveburymanor2008a.html as this shows the first portion of this form as it was laid down in two stages, the first on July 15th 2008, the 2nd a hebdomad subsequently on July 22nd. On the 22nd, the 2nd form was added and the comet added to the first. The straight bands that have appeared through the first I understand are the handiwork of the farmer.

As I said earlier, the construct of Ascension may be a complete shock to you. If you have no connection with spiritualty or metaphysics today, if you have your positions of who Jesus/Jeshua was and who and what we are shaped by faith, if you have grown up with the version of the scientific paradigm that has been fed to us, as I did, which focuses us on looking at the external universe for understanding your world, or if the whole construct of channeling is foreign to you, my e-book `` The Coming Golden Age and How to Fix for it '' - www.thecominggoldenage.com - may be a good topographic point for you to get down as it begins with what modern scientific discipline is stating us about the nature of our world and goes from at that place.

Materials are coming into topographic point to explicate and back up this unfolding. The item behind this message can be found in `` The Soul Journey of Jeshua '' series - hypertext transfer protocol: //www.metatronminutes.com/soul_journey_of_jeshua.html. Who was the one we know as Jeshua or Jesus truly? Why did he come? Did he be after to be crucified? Did he decease on the cross? Who supported him? What has his life and his kids with Mary Magdalene got to make with Ascension ( yes, they were married and had kids ) ? What function does the legacy of their kids 's DNA leave humanity? And much, much more. This material shatters the deception sold to us by the church about this man and his life.

Additionally, the material being channeled from Steve Fossett in a series of e-books - www.SteveFossettLives.com - provides farther explanation and apprehension at the elaborate degree of what this transition means. It is some of the material coming Forth in these e-books, which exposes the dark programs of the US military and others that the faked crash site late discovered was set up to discredit. It will non be long before the truth of this comes away. The energies presently flowing to the planet will merely non let it to stay concealed. All truths are being revealed and this channeling is an illustration.

We have all lived countless life-times on Earth and in making so hold accumulated forms of unresolved energy ; energy ensuing from traumas and other issues happening earlier in this life and besides in past lives. When a trauma is repeated over three or more life-times, this forms a form that you will probably necessitate aid to clear. There are many talented energy workers ready, willing and able to help you with this. This is the stuck energy referred to in the channeling. These subconscious forms are major dictators of what is demoing up in your current life. That 's how it works.

Carolyn Evers is a messenger for the religious hierarchy. She has written six books and a class, Journey To The Other Side. Her work encompasses information that she has received from the Spiritual Hierarchy. Carolyn believes that there is a connection between spiritualty and scientific discipline, and she endeavors to integrate scientific research along with what she receives from spirit. Her work can be found at * www.CarolynEvers.com * and her contact address is * Carolyn @ CarolynEvers.com Her latest web sites are www.SteveFossettLives.com * * www.metatronminutes.com/ * She besides works with the Cherubim Angels and reads from the Un iversal Akashic Records. She has two wireless shows with BBS Radio, The Message and The Messenger. Name in for healings and readings from the Akashic Records * USA Toll Free 1-877-876-5227 * Canada Toll Free 1-888-815-9756 *

I want to name the 2nd Avebury circle `` The Returning of the Tenth Planet Niburu `` In my opinion this is the first crop circle what really depicts the origin of the shapers of these symbols. One can easy see that the circles are related. We can see the planets once more in the same place as in circle I Lets start with the planets and the Sun. What is obvious is that the Sun, the cardinal point, is about 25 % bigger. The Sun has even in his power the planets Mercurius and Venus. We besides can see that on the outside four circles are shown, which are acquiring bigger in format.

Lets start with the large circle and a little circle with a cardinal circle sticking on this. I understand that this is the losing planet nr. 10 or Niburu. Niburu has its ain orbit outside our solar system, which is shown. I see that Niburu besides has a moon. To the right we see an ellips with 11 tiny circles around it. I think they mean that they own a immense space ship which is heading to a sort of teardrop shaped picture. I think they mean the sorrow and grief on planet Earth, because of the suns explosion. So in popular, I understand that they send this space craft to mother Earth. But if person else understands this different, so delight react.


Dr. Adrian Helmsley, portion of a world-wide geophysical squad look intoing the consequence on the Earth of radiation from unprecedented solar storms, learns that the Earth 's nucleus is heating up. He warns U.S. President Thomas Wilson that the crust of the Earth is going unstable and that without proper preparations for salvaging a fraction of the universe 's population, the full race is doomed. Meanwhile, author Jackson Curtis stumbles on the same information. While the universe 's leaders race to construct `` Arks '' to escape the at hand cataclysm, Curtis struggles to happen a manner to salvage his household. Meanwhile, volcanic eruptions and temblors of unprecedented strength wreak mayhem around the universe. Written by Jim Beaver < jumblejim @ prodigy.net >

User Reviews

Okay, the first thing I 'd wish to state is, ignore those comments from members who belong to 'the worst film of all time club! ! ' These members think it is manner cool to label every somewhat dissatisfactory film as ' the worst film of all time ' and stress their juvenility with tons of exclamation marks. They think it is manner cool to junk movies.The film merely is n't that bad. It 's non that great either so ignore those who gush and tell you how amazing it is and rate it 10 out of 10.This is a film best viewed in the film theaters on the largest screen possible to enjoy the thrilling sensation of cities interrupting up, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions. This is so a thrilling roller-coaster ride. It is best to go forth your encephalon at home, nevertheless, as you will flinch at the clichés, the shmaltz, and the absurdities. That does n't do it the worst film of all time, though. So travel for the ride and bask the CG effects.

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