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The intent of this research paper is to suggest the Anti-Litterbugs Campaign as a more feasible option to better and keep urban cleanliness in Malaysia compared to the conventional cleanliness run. Lessons drawn from the execution of the conventional cleanliness run and the Anti-litterbugs Campaign suggests that the former failed to keep urban cleanliness because it did non concentrate on the existent job. Unlike the conventional attack which targets rubbish, the Anti-litterbugs Campaign targets the existent cause of the job, that is, the litterers. Fully implemented, the Anti-litterbugs Campaign has a possible to better and keep urban cleanliness.


In stressing an on-going process or set of wonts for the intent of care and bar, the construct of cleanliness differs from pureness, which is a physical, moral, or ritual province of freedom from pollutants. Whereas pureness is normally a quality of an person or substance, cleanliness has a societal dimension, or implies a system of interactions. `` Cleanliness, '' observed Jacob Burckhardt, `` is indispensable to our modern impression of societal perfection. '' A family or workplace may be said to exhibit cleanliness, but non normally pureness ; cleanliness besides would be a feature of the people who maintain cleanness or prevent dirtying.

In Hinduism

In Hinduism, cleanliness is an of import virtuousness and the Bhagavad Gita describes it as one of the Godhead qualities which one must pattern. The Sanskrit word for cleanliness is 'Śaucam ' . Interestingly, the Bhagavad Gita repeats this word in five slokas at 13.8, 16.3, 16.7, 17.14 and 18.42. Śrīmad Bhāgavatam mentioned 'Śaucam ' at 1.16.26, 1.17.24 ( as one of the four legs of Satya Yuga or Golden Age ) , 1.17.42, 3.28.4 ( as religious pattern ) , 3.31.33 ( those who are addicted to arouse life will non understand cleanliness ) , 4.29.84 ( pureness of Atman ) , 7.11.8-12 ( one of the thirty qualities to be acquired ) , 7.11.21 ( cleanliness as a feature of a Brahmin ) , 7.11.24 ( cleanliness is a quality of the best worker ) , 11.3.24 ( one should larn cleanliness to function his or her Guru ) , 11.17.16 ( cleanliness is a natural quality of a Brahmin ) , 11.18.36 ( cleanliness as a virtuousness among those who has realised God ) , 11.18.43 ( quality to be practiced by a homeowner ) , 11.21.14 ( agencies of cleansing one organic structure and head ) , 11.19.36-39 ( cleanliness means detachment from desire-prompted actions ) 12.2.1 ( effects of Kali Yuga on cleanliness ) .

In Islam

First lessons in Islamic manuals of catechism are affairs of cleanliness. Subjects taught foremost in the book of cleanliness include: which are clean, what is clean and what is non clean, what people need to be cleansed from, how they should clean, and which H2O should they utilize to clean. Moslems are required to execute ablution ( wudu ) before every supplication, and are recommended to remain in the province of ablution at all times. A ritual bath ( ghusl ) is performed on Fridays before the Friday Prayer ( Juma ) . Ritual baths are recommended for religious pureness, besides after perpetrating a wickedness, and are necessary for those who have washed a funeral. Particular attending is given to cleaning places before the reaching of invitees or before banquets ( Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha ) , and holy yearss and darks.


Since the germ theory of disease, cleanliness has come to intend an attempt to take sources and other risky stuffs. A reaction to an inordinate desire for a germ-free environment began to happen around 1989, when David Strachan put forth the `` hygiene hypothesis '' in the British Medical Journal. In kernel, this hypothesis holds that environmental bugs play a utile function in developing the immune system ; the fewer sources people are exposed to in early childhood, the more likely they are to see wellness jobs in childhood and as grownups. The rating of cleanliness, hence, has a societal and cultural dimension beyond the demands of hygiene for practical intents.


In industry, certain procedures such as those related to integrated circuit fabrication, require conditions of exceeding cleanliness which are achieved by working in cleanrooms. Cleanliness is indispensable to successful electroplating, since molecular beds of oil can forestall adhesion of the coating. The industry has developed specialized techniques for parts cleaning, every bit good as trials for cleanliness. The most normally used trials rely on the wetting behavior of a clean hydrophilic metal surface. Cleanliness is besides of import to hoover systems to cut down outgassing. Cleanliness is besides important for semiconducting material fabrication.

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Cleanliness can be described as the province of being free from sources and the procedure of accomplishing and keeping that province. In stressing the on-going set of wonts for intents of bar and care, cleanliness construct differs from pureness, which is a moral, physical or ritual province of being free from pollutants. Purity is a quality of a substance or an single. Cleanliness implies a system of interactions ; it has a societal dimension. Cleanliness is related to disease bar hygiene. One manner of accomplishing cleanliness at practical degree is by rinsing custodies with H2O and some detergent. Cleanliness has played a function in organizing cultural values in relation to cultural imperialism, humanitarianism, and societal category. Cleanliness means an attempt to take risky stuffs and sources.

Harmonizing to the proverb, cleanliness is following to godliness. The importance of cleanliness is besides emphasized in the Bible. Many of the Bible cleaning rites were related to entree to a tabernacle ; topographic point where the presence of God manifested itself. Rules were given, harmonizing to which a individual must be clean. If the individual was non clean, he/she would be cut off from the community. Cleanliness has a different significance to different people. For illustration, when a immature kid is called by his/her female parent to rinse his/her custodies and face, he/she may believe that keeping custodies under a running tap and wetting his/her lips is adequate. However, the female parent knows better. Fungus, sources, and any kind of growing can stack up in dirty vesture and bedding ; cleanliness prevents the spread of sources and diseases ( UN-Water 11 ) .

Standards of cleanliness are non equal around the universe, and people have different apprehension of cleanliness. In the yesteryear, a well-ordered and clean school environment in many states gave the kids an chance to develop appropriate cleanliness wonts. In this epoch, some school evidences are full of dust and litter and they look like refuse more than an environment to read or exert. Adults, on the other manus, are non good illustrations of cleanliness in the concern universe or in life. For case, many public topographic points are unsightly and messy. Industries and mills pollute the environment. Pollution is non caused by concerns or faceless industries, but by people. As greed is the chief cause of worldwide job of pollution and its ailment effects, portion of the job is a consequence of personal dirty wonts. Bing neat and clean is of import. Cleanliness should get down with the personal hygiene ; it is critical for people to larn about hygiene and the diseases linked to deficiency of it. Certain wonts like regular brushing of dentitions, rinsing custodies after sing the lavatory, and bathing are necessary to be taught from a stamp age. These are personal wonts. It is indispensable to follow certain regulations like forbearing from ptyalizing on the route or in the house, avoiding littering topographic points, and maintaining our environing clean. Habits or behaviours picked at a stamp age, whether bad or good, acquire into one’s personality ( Jehovah 's Witnesses pr. 4 ) .

Cleanliness and sanitation in the place and community and personal cleanliness are important to stoping the spread of sources and forestalling unwellnesss. Illnesss can be caused by eating contaminated nutrients, touching an septic individual ; they can be passed on through apparels or bed screens, insect or animate being bites. When the people in community strive to better sanitation, many wellness jobs are solved, and this benefits everyone in the community. For illustration, fall ining custodies together to develop H2O for cleansing and cookery will enable the community people to easy entree clean H2O. The people in the community should besides maintain the imbibing H2O clean by non bathing, rinsing apparels or utensils in it or allowing the animate beings into the H2O beginning. Draining dead H2O in unfastened containers, rinsing countries and in puddles will guarantee bar of engendering mosquitoes. Mosquitos that breed in stagnating Waterss cause malaria febrility.

The community can cut down flies by doing certain that refuse is disposed of in a proper manner. The refuse should be fenced off or covered to maintain animate beings and bugs off if it is above the land. If possible, fictile refuse should non be burned since the exhausts can be toxicant to vomit, immature, and older people. Other wastes can be reduced, reused, and recycled. Several wastes can be recycled including plastics, magazines, and newspapers. Cleanliness, if to set it in better footings, can give a difference between life and decease. A soiled environment affects the wellness of the people populating in it. If people would wish to remain healthy, so they should maintain their environment clean. An person should besides guarantee cleanliness in all subdivisions of the place, including the lavatory, particularly the flushing lavatory, bathroom, kitchen, and sitting room ( Vigarello 61 ) .

In decision, if proficient wellness solutions are promoted, diseases caused by sources or hapless sanitation can be prevented. Health promoters in the community should listen keenly and work with the people in order to better wellness in a permanent manner. The community will bask better wellness if they employ better methods of sanitation that fit their abilities and demands. Every person should get down cleanliness from his or her ain organic structure before concentrating on the cleanliness of his or her place, and eventually the cleanliness of the community, in which the person lives. Cleaning your place is non merely disinfecting invariably, it besides means being cognizant of the countries that are likely to distribute infection and taking the sources before they cause danger. Experts are now concerned about the place hygiene in an attempt to keep the immune system of kids that is non exposed to mundane viruses and bacteriums. A healthy environment leads to a better and healthier life.

Cleanliness Speech

Cleanliness is really of import in our life from all the facets. We should take attention of it all through the life. Practice of cleanliness starts from the place and school from the really small age. It affects us really severely when we do non keep cleanliness. Following are some short address and long address on cleanliness given by us. All the address on cleanliness will certainly assist pupils to take portion in the address recitation activity in the school or college at any event jubilation or argument competition programme. Following cleanliness address provided below are written utilizing really easy words and little sentences for the pupils. So, you can choose any address on cleanliness harmonizing to your demand and demand:

Cleanliness Speech 1

Good forenoon to the sir, madam and my friends. My name is … I study in category … Today, I will declaim a address on cleanliness. I have particularly selected this subject because of much importance of it in our day-to-day lives. Actually, the agencies of cleanliness is the complete absence of soil, dust, discolorations, and bad odors at place, working topographic points or environing countries. The most of import intent of keeping cleanliness is to acquire wellness, beauty, take violative olfactory property every bit good as avoid the spread of soil and contaminations. We clean our dentitions, apparels, organic structure, hair on day-to-day footing in order to acquire freshness and accomplishing cleanliness.

We use assortment of merchandises and H2O to clean different things consequently. What we see with our eyes is that, cleaning helps us to take soil and bad smell. However, what we do non see with our eyes is that, cleaning besides removes harmful microorganisms ( like bacteriums, virus, fungus, algae, etc ) from the things. It keeps us healthy and off from assortment of diseases particularly caused by the harmful micro-organism. Harmonizing to the germ theory of disease, cleaning means the entire absence of sources. In some industrial procedures, it requires exceeding cleanliness which is achieved particularly in the clean suites. Presence of soil and bad smell may diminish the power of our immune system.

Normally, there are two types of cleanliness, one is physical cleanliness and another is internal cleanliness. Physical cleanliness keeps us clean from outside and gives us feeling of wellbeing with assurance. However, internal cleanliness supports us mentally peaceable and off from anxiousness. Internal cleanliness means a head absence of dirty, bad and negative thought. Keeping the bosom, organic structure and head clean and peaceful is the complete cleanliness. However, we besides need to maintain clean our environing countries so that we can populate in a healthy and clean environment. It will maintain us off from the epidemic diseases and give us the feeling of societal well-being.

There is a really old stating that “cleanliness is following to godliness” . It is good said by the John Wesley. Cleanliness should be given a precedence in all the places from the childhood so that a small one can pattern it as a wont and can be benefitted all through the life. Cleanliness is like a good wont which non merely benefits a individual, nevertheless ; it benefits the household, society and state and therefore whole planet. It can be developed at any age nevertheless best to pattern it from the childhood. I, as a kid bespeaking to all the parents that please assist your childs to pattern this wont as it is you who can give this state a good citizen.

Cleanliness Speech 2

Good forenoon to the respected Principal sir, sir, madam and beloved co-workers. I … analyzing in category … criterion would wish to speech on cleanliness at this event. Cleanliness is a good wont ; it keeps us happy physically, mentally, socially and intellectually. It is really true that cleanliness begins at place. The mark of cleanliness is a good managed topographic point whether it is a place, working topographic point, school, college, authorities or private edifices, hotel, eating house, airdrome, railways station, etc. The degree of cleanliness should be high which is possible if everyone shows his/her attempt. It is non the act of one individual. It needs regular support and proper apprehension from the terminal of each individual.

Cleanliness attracts positive energies towards it and it can affect anyone. Cleanliness degree becomes by and large high in the developed states because of the good citizens, rigorous authorities regulations, high instruction degree and proper apprehension of the people. A individual with good wonts can alter the environment of a place nevertheless a state with good citizens can alter its hereafter every bit good as the environment of whole planet. In order to demo our existent possible all through the universe, we have to keep cleanliness all across the state. It is the lone thing which can gain regard because a large land, power, and rich natural resources does non count in the deficiency of cleanliness.

The care of cleanliness in any state depends on the instruction degree, poorness, and population of the state. The most of import factor is instruction as good instruction can cut down the poorness degree and supply alleviation from the complete population. If the citizens of the state will be educated they can good keep the cleanliness all through the state. They can go through good wonts to their following coevals besides. Number of cleanliness thrusts has been run by the authorities of India nevertheless ne'er acquire much success because of high degree illiteracy. The most recent cleanliness thrust named as Swachh Bharat Abhiyan run the Indian PM, Narendra Modi, is rather successful.

Cleanliness Speech 3

Good forenoon to the Principal Mam, sir, madam and my beloved friends. I … analyzing in category … criterion, would wish to speech on cleanliness. I am really thankful to my category instructor that she has given me such a great chance to declaim a address on cleanliness at this event. My beloved friends, we all are good people, no 1 is bad. Then why we are doing our hereafter bad and diseased by distributing soiled things and wastes everyplace. Our state is our place ; we should non do it soiled. We get respect as an Indian in the abroad so our state is our individuality on this planet. It is our duty to maintain it clean and bright so that it can gain more regard worldwide.

We keep our places and spiritual topographic points clean and do non have on shoes or slippers inside, so that they can be clean. But, on the other manus, we follow incorrect patterns and spit out on the roads, corners of office edifices, etc. We throw wastes on the roads or corners of the settlement ; what is this? I am inquiring what this is. I am non stating that I am merely good or I ne'er involved in such activities. I am merely stating that how long we will be unconscious and involved in such type of unconscious activities. When the twenty-four hours will come, we will be much witting every minute so that such bad activities can non be happened. If we are non seeking to maintain our state clean so how we will protect tourers from other states from doing it soiled.

Cleanliness Speech 4

Good forenoon to the Excellencies, Principal sir, sir, dame and my beloved friends. At this event, I would wish to speech on cleanliness. I am really grateful to my category instructor that she has selected me to speech on cleanliness at this event. It is the serious subject and needs high degree societal consciousness. Peoples in the developed states ( Western Europe and North America ) ne'er depend on the governments brushing as they ne'er dirt their roads or environing countries. They do themselves on day-to-day footing. We excessively have to take such effectual stairss to clean our state. We should non wait any authorization sweeper that he/she will pick up the broom and clean our environing countries and roads.

As we suppose that, things inside the place are our ain belongings and we ne'er make them dirty and spoil. In the same manner, we need to say that, everything outside the place is besides our ain belongings and we should ne'er do them soil and maintain clean. We can alter the drastic state of affairs of our state through corporate ownership. Alternatively of substructure betterments, effectual workss for wastes intervention from industries, agribusiness, and other Fieldss, Torahs and regulations by authorities, etc ; we need to believe and see our ain duty utilizing our ain head and attempt. It is non the duty of authorities merely ; it is the corporate duty of each and every Indian citizen.

It is true that we can non clean the whole state in a twenty-four hours or twelvemonth, nevertheless ; it will be our large manus if we stop doing foul the public topographic points in India. It is our duty to halt ourselves every bit good as others who are doing India’s public belongings filthy. As we by and large see in our household that, every member has some peculiar duty ( person for sweeping, person for cleansing, person for conveying veggies, person for outside plants, etc ) and he/she has to make that seasonably in anyhow. Just like that, if all the Indians take duty ( of cleanliness and prevent from acquiring dirty ) for little infinite in the environing countries, I think that, the twenty-four hours is non so far when we will see cleanliness everyplace all through the state.

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