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Doctors ' Research, Inc. is dedicated to supplying research to accredited doctors every bit good as the highest quality nutritionary addendums, in a signifier that is every bit near as possible to those of course found in nutrients, to doctors and other wellness professionals. It is good understood by nutrition research workers that we, as worlds, should deduce nutrition from nutrient. It is our end at Doctors ' Research to supply the best, scientifically researched, natural nutrient addendums which meet the demands of those who live in our `` modern '' society. Doctors ' Research merchandises are environmentally friendly. They are natural nutrient composites which have been shown to be better for the internal human environment. They are supplied in reclaimable glass bottles which we feel are better for the planetary environment ( every bit good as the addendum 's environment ) .

DR. THIEL conducts talks for wellness attention professionals on a assortment of natural wellness subjects ; he has besides written four books for wellness attention professionals. He has conducted, and had published, many scientific wellness surveies. Thiel received the Leadership Award from the Orthomolecular Health Medicine Society. Thiel has been named Research Scientist of the Year, Physician of the Year, and Disability Researcher of the Year by the largest American naturopathic association. Dr. Thiel has had the lone comprehensive paper published in a medical peer-reviewed diary ( Medical Hypotheses ) on the advantages of natural nutrient vitamins over man-made 'nutrients ' .

Why are Doctors ' Research Food foods better than stray USP foods? Human existences should acquire their nutrition from nutrients. `` The organic structure is designed to manage nutrients '' . It is of import to recognize `` that in nature vitamins are ne'er isolated. They are ever present in the signifier of vitamin-complexes '' . Vitamins are natural composites which produce a assortment of actions in the organic structure whereas some stray USP vitamins are parallels of vitamins which appear to hold at least some of these activities. Food foods are complexed merely as foods found in all nutrients, because they are nutrient. USP vitamins are synthesized ( harmonizing to rigorous federal criterions ) , standardised chemical isolates ( as listed in the United States Pharmacopoeia or the USAN and USP Dictionary of Drug Names ) ; they are non nutrient.

Mentions: Whitney EN, Hamilton EMN. Understanding Nutrition, 4th erectile dysfunction. West Publishing, New York, 1987 Airola P. How to Get Well. Health Plus, Sherwood ( OR ) , 1989 Olson JA. Vitamin A, retinoids, and carotenoids. In Modern Nutrition in Health and Disease, 8th erectile dysfunction. Lea & Febiger, Phil.,1994:287-307 Farrell PA, Roberts RJ. Vitamin E. In Modern Nutrition in Health and Disease, 8th erectile dysfunction. Lea & Febiger, Phil.,1994:326-358 DeCava JA. The Real Truth about Vitamins & Antioxidants. A Printery, Centerfield ( MA ) , 1997 The United States Pharmacopeial Convention. USAN and USP Dictionary of Drug Names. Mack Printing, Easton ( PA ) ,1986 Turnland JR. Bioavailability of dietetic minerals to worlds: the stable isotope attack. Crit Rev Food Sci Nutr,1991 ; 30 ( 4 ) ; 387-396 Schumann K, et Al. Bioavailability of unwritten vitamins, minerals, and hint minerals in position. Arzneimittelforshcung,1997 ; 47 ( 4 ) :369-380 Ha SW. Rabbit survey comparing barm and stray B vitamins ( as described in Murray RP. Natural V. Synthetic. Mark R. Anderson, 1995, P: A3 ) . Ann Rev Physiol,1941 ; 3:259-282 Thiel R. Natural vitamins may be superior to man-made 1s. Med Hypo.2000 ; 55 ( 6 ) :461-469 Thiel R.J, Fowkes S.W. Can cognitive impairment associated with Down syndrome be reduced? Medical Hypothesiss, 2005 ; 64 ( 3 ) :524-532 Traber MG, Elsner A, Brigelius-Flohe R. Synthetic as compared with natural vitamin E is preferentially excreted as alpha-CEHC in human piss: surveies utilizing deuterated alpha-tocopherol ethanoates. FEBS Letters, 1998 ; 437:145-148 Ross A.C. Vitamin A and Carotenoids. In Modern Nutrition in Health and Disease, 10th erectile dysfunction. Lippincott William & Wilkins, Phil, 2005: 351-375 Lucock M. Is folic acid the ultimate functional nutrient constituent for disease bar? BMJ, 2004 ; 328:211-214 Williams D. ORAC values for fruits and veggies. Options, 1999 ; 7 ( 22 ) :171 Thiel R. Vitamin D, rachitiss, and mainstream experts. Int J Naturopathy, 2003 ; 2 ( 1 ) Traber MG. Vitamin E. In Modern Nutrition in Health and Disease, 9th erectile dysfunction. Williams & Wilkins, 1999:347-362 Olson R.E. Vitamin K. In Modern Nutrition in Health and Nutrition, 9th erectile dysfunction. Williams & Wilkins, Balt. , 1999: 363-380 Hamet P, et Al. The rating of the scientific grounds for a relationship between Ca and high blood pressure. J Nutr, 1995 ; 125:311S-400S Ensminger AH, Ensminger ME, Konlade JE, Robson JRK. Food & Nutrition Encyclopedia, 2nd erectile dysfunction. CRC Press, New York, 1993 Wood R.J. , Ronnenberg A.G. Iron. In Modern Nutrition in Health and Disease, 10th erectile dysfunction. Lippincott William & Wilkins, Phil, 2005: 248-270 Rude R.K. , Shils M.E. Magnesium. In Modern Nutrition in Health and Disease, 10th erectile dysfunction. Lippincott William & Wilkins, Phil, 2005: 223-247 Biotechnology in the Feed Industry. Nottingham Press, UK, 1995: 257-267 Andlid TA, Veide J, Sandberg AS. Metamorphosis of extracellular inositol hexaphosphate ( phytate ) by Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Int J. Food Microbiology. 2004 ; 97 ( 2 ) :157-169 King JC, Cousins RJ. Zinc. In Modern Nutrition in Health and Disease, 10 Thursday erectile dysfunction. Lipponcott Williams & Wilkins, Phil. , 2005:271-285

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Paper Master provides usage written medical research documents on any topic needed for Nurses, Pre-Med Students and Healthcare professionals. Nurses, Pre-Med Students and Healthcare professionals all need to compose research undertakings on assorted medical wellness related subjects. Paper Master provides usage written medical research documents on any topic needed, such as Alternate Medicine, Diseases, End of Life Issues, Ethics in Health Care, Determinants of Health, Health Care Administration, Medical Conditions, Medical Treatments and issues in pharmaceuticals. Our authors in the medical field provide up to day of the month research with the latest equal reviewed information to do every medical wellness paper we produce a quality, publishable work.


A doctor, medical practician, medical physician, or merely physician is a professional who practises medical specialty, which is concerned with promoting, keeping, or reconstructing wellness through the survey, diagnosing, and intervention of disease, hurt, and other physical and mental damages. Physicians may concentrate their pattern on certain disease classs, types of patients and methods of treatment—known as specialities—or they may presume duty for the proviso of go oning and comprehensive medical attention to persons, households, and communities—known as general pattern. Medical pattern decently requires both a elaborate cognition of the academic subjects ( such as anatomy and physiology ) underlying diseases and their treatment—the scientific discipline of medicine—and besides a nice competency in its applied practice—the art or trade of medical specialty.

Specialist in internal medical specialty

This original usage, as distinguishable from sawbones, is common in most of the universe including the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth states ( such as Australia, Bangladesh, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe ) , every bit good as in topographic points every bit diverse as Brazil, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Ireland, and Taiwan. In such topographic points, the more general English footings physician or medical practician are prevailing, depicting any practician of medical specialty ( whom an American would probably name a doctor, in the wide sense ) . In Commonwealth states, specializer baby doctors and gerontologists are besides described as specialist doctors who have sub-specialized by age of patient instead than by organ system.

American doctors

A doctor trained in the United States has either a Doctor of Medicine grade, and uses the initials `` M.D. '' or has a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine grade and uses the initials `` D.O. '' After completing their medical school instruction both a Doctor of Medicine ( MD ) and Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine ( DO ) , with licensure, have the same practicing rights in the fortes and subspecialties of medical specialty. United States osteopathic medical schools have a course of study really similar to MD schools with the add-on of osteopathic manipulative medical specialty, which focuses on excess direction in the musculoskeletal system.


Within Western civilization and over recent centuries, medical specialty has become progressively based on scientific reductionism and philistinism. This manner of medical specialty is now dominant throughout the industrialised universe, and is frequently termed biomedicine by medical anthropologists. Biomedicine `` formulates the human organic structure and disease in a culturally typical form '' , and is a universe position learnt by medical pupils. Within this tradition, the medical theoretical account is a term for the complete `` set of processs in which all doctors are trained '' ( R. D. Laing, 1972 ) , including mental attitudes. A peculiarly clear look of this universe position, presently dominant among conventional doctors, is evidence-based medical specialty. Within conventional medical specialty, most doctors still pay heed to their ancient traditions:

In this Western tradition, doctors are considered to be members of a erudite profession, and enjoy high societal position, frequently combined with outlooks of a high and stable income and occupation security. However, medical practicians frequently work long and inflexible hours, with displacements at unsociable times. Their high position is partially from their extended preparation demands, and besides because of their business 's particular ethical and legal responsibilities. The term traditionally used by doctors to depict a individual seeking their aid is the word patient ( although one who visits a doctor for a everyday check-up may besides be so described ) . This word patient is an ancient reminder of medical responsibility, as it originally meant 'one who suffers ' . The English noun comes from the Latin word patiens, the present participial of the testifier verb, patior, intending 'I am enduring, ' and akin to the Greek verb πάσχειν ( = paskhein, to endure ) and its blood relation noun πάθος ( = poignancy ) .

Alternate medical specialty

While modern-day biomedicine has distanced itself from its ancient roots in faith and thaumaturgy, many signifiers of traditional medical specialty and alternate medical specialty continue to adopt vitalism in assorted pretenses: 'As long as life had its ain secret belongingss, it was possible to hold scientific disciplines and medical specialties based on those belongingss ' ( Grossinger 1980 ) . The US National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine ( NCCAM ) classifies CAM therapies into five classs or spheres, including: alternate medical systems, or complete systems of therapy and pattern ; mind-body intercessions, or techniques designed to ease the head 's consequence on bodily maps and symptoms ; biologically based systems including herbalism ; and manipulative and body-based methods such as chiropractic and massage therapy.

Doctors ' ain wellness

Some observers have argued that doctors have responsibilities to function as function theoretical accounts for the general populace in affairs of wellness, for illustration by non smoking coffin nails. Indeed, in most western states comparatively few doctors smoke, and their professional cognition does look to hold a good consequence on their wellness and life style. Harmonizing to a survey of male doctors, life anticipation is somewhat higher for doctors ( 73.0 old ages for white and 68.7 for black ) than attorneies or many other extremely educated professionals. Causes of decease less likely in doctors than the general population include respiratory disease ( including pneumonia, pneumoconioses, COPD, but excepting emphysema and other chronic airway obstructor ) , alcohol-related deceases, rectosigmoidal and anal malignant neoplastic diseases, and bacterial diseases.

All medical practicians

In all developed states, entry-level medical instruction plans are tertiary-level classs, undertaken at a medical school attached to a university. Depending on legal power and university, entry may follow straight from secondary school or necessitate pre-requisite undergraduate instruction. The former commonly takes five or six old ages to finish. Programs that require old undergraduate instruction ( typically a three- or four-year grade, frequently in Science ) are normally four or five old ages in length. Hence, deriving a basic medical grade may typically take from five to eight old ages, depending on legal power and university.

All medical practicians

In the big English-speaking federations ( United States, Canada, Australia ) , the licensing or enrollment of medical practicians is done at a province or provincial degree or nationally as in New Zealand. Australian provinces normally have a `` Medical Board, '' which has now been replaced by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulatory Authority ( AHPRA ) in most provinces, while Canadian states normally have a `` College of Physicians and Surgeons. '' All American provinces have an bureau that is normally called the `` Medical Board '' , although there are alternate names such as `` Board of Medicine, '' `` Board of Medical Examiners '' , `` Board of Medical Licensure '' , `` Board of Healing Arts '' or some other fluctuation. After graduating from a first-professional school, doctors who wish to pattern in the U.S. normally take standardised tests, such as the USMLE for MDs and DOs or the COMLEX-USA for DOs, which is non available to MDs ( although most DOs in the U.S. besides take the USMLE tests and undergo the same residence preparation as MDs ) .

Performance and professionalism supervising

The issue of medical mistakes, drug maltreatment, and other issues in physician professional behaviour received important attending across the universe, in peculiar following a critical 2000 study which `` arguably launched '' the patient-safety motion. In the U.S. , as of 2006 there were few organisations that consistently monitored public presentation. In the U.S. merely the Department of Veterans Affairs indiscriminately drug trials, in contrast to drug testing patterns for other professions that have a major impact on public public assistance. Licensing boards at the U.S. province degree depend upon go oning instruction to keep competency. Through the use of the National Practitioner Data Bank, Federation of State Medical Boards Disciplinary Report, and American Medical Association Physician Profile Service, the 67 State Medical Boards ( MD/DO ) continually self-report any Adverse/Disciplinary Actions taken against a accredited Doctor in order that the other Medical Boardss in which the Doctor holds or is using for a medical licence will be decently notified so that disciplinary, mutual action can be taken against the piquing doctor. In Europe, as of 2009 the wellness systems are governed harmonizing to assorted national Torahs, and can besides change harmonizing to regional differences similar to the United States.

Nurse practicians

Nurse practicians ( NPs ) in the United States are advanced pattern registered nurses keeping a post-graduate grade such as a Doctor of Nursing Practice. In Canada, nurse practicians typically have a Maestro of nursing grade every bit good as significant experience they have accumulated throughout the old ages. Nurse practicians are non doctors but may pattern aboard physicians in a assortment of Fieldss. Nurse practicians are educated in nursing theory and nursing pattern. The range of pattern for a nurse practician in the United States is defined by regulative boards of nursing, as opposed to boards of medical specialty that regulate doctors.


c.1300, `` Church male parent, '' from Old French doctour, from Medieval Latin physician `` spiritual instructor, advisor, bookman, '' in classical Latin `` instructor, '' agent noun from docere `` to demo, learn, do to cognize, '' originally `` make to look right, '' causative of decere `` be seemly, suiting '' ( see decent ) . Meaning `` holder of highest grade in university '' is foremost found tardily 14c. ; as is that of `` medical professional '' ( replacing native bloodsucker ( n.2 ) ) , though this was non common boulder clay late 16c. The transitional phase is exemplified in Chaucer 's Doctor of phesike ( Latin physica came to be used extensively in Medieval Latin for medicina ) . Similar use of the equivalent of physician is conversational in most European linguistic communications: californium. Italian dottore, Gallic docteur, German doktor, Lithuanian daktaras, though these are typically non the chief word in those linguistic communications for a medical therapist. For similar development, californium. Sanskrit vaidya- `` medical physician, '' literally `` one versed in scientific discipline. '' German Arzt, Dutch humanistic disciplines are from Late Latin archiater, from Grecian arkhiatros `` main therapist, '' hence `` tribunal doctor. '' Gallic médecin is a back-formation from médicine, replacing Old Gallic miege, from Latin medicus.


Anesthesiologists focus on the attention of surgical patients and on hurting alleviation. They administer drugs ( anaesthetics ) that cut down or extinguish the esthesis of hurting during an operation or another medical process. During surgery, they are responsible for seting the sum of anaesthetic as needed and supervising the patient 's bosom rate, organic structure temperature, blood force per unit area, and take a breathing. They besides work outdoors of the operating room, supplying hurting alleviation in the intensive attention unit, during labour and bringing of babes, and for patients who suffer from chronic hurting. Anesthesiologists work with other doctors and sawboness to make up one's mind on interventions and processs before, during, and after surgery.

Psychiatrists are primary mental wellness doctors. They diagnose and treat mental unwellnesss through a combination of personal guidance ( psychotherapeutics ) , depth psychology, hospitalization, and medicine. Psychotherapy involves regular treatments with patients about their jobs. The head-shrinker helps them find solutions through alterations in their behavioural forms, geographic expeditions of their past experiences, or group and household therapy Sessionss. Psychoanalysis involves long-run psychotherapeutics and reding for patients. Psychiatrists may order medicines to rectify chemical instabilities that cause some mental unwellnesss.

Surgeons dainty hurts, diseases, and malformations through operations. Using a assortment of instruments, a sawbones corrects physical malformations, fixs bone and tissue after hurts, or performs preventive or elected surgeries on patients. Although a big figure perform general surgery, many sawboness choose to specialise in a specific country. Fortes include orthopaedic surgery ( the intervention of the musculoskeletal system ) , neurological surgery ( intervention of the encephalon and nervous system ) , cardiovascular surgery, and plastic or rehabilitative surgery. Like other doctors, sawboness examine patients, perform and interpret diagnostic trials, and advocate patients on preventative health care. Some specializer doctors besides perform surgery.

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l0stsoulz Jan 09 2017 11:55 am oh my god these people. this play is astonishing. one thought one 'd halt watching it around 7-8 episodes but no it becomes better. this play is different compared to others, does n't incorporate merely lovey dovey, or blow the whole play merely to happen the truth, or blow the whole episodes merely to acquire retaliation and materials. no, it focuses more on our day-to-day life, must i say, the closest to our world. truth is, this play is more accurate to our life compared to the remainder. it shows that our life non that as if by magic changed as we have found a spouse in our life, lover to be short. it besides increases my involvement in trefoils. hence, to those people, who thinks that this play is deadening and field merely because it doesnt have those coquettes, love affair materials like you ever watch, you may go forth though. yes, we all can hold and show our ain sentiments but the manner that most people express it, it 's more to an abuse though.

K drama Dec 23 2016 1:48 pm Peoples love shinhye in Korea and besides internationally..plz cats if u think truelly now shinhye is top actress..in korea.yes all people wo n't hold similar taste.some love other actress also.bt how come u people say she is atrocious actress.that 's non reasonable..for e.g. if you watch legend of bluish sea.. and love from another star.luv from another star is so much better than this blue sea..there is no such story..bt both are played by jun Jemaah Islamiyah hyun..we ca n't state she s atrocious actress she has done her portion neatly... so plz do n't state such things..all histrions are good in their ain way..if u dnt like this play so its K merely state it was k.y u have to state it was so horrible..at least watching this play so many people have taken medical exam..this year.in korea.it was at least this much helpful..and it was a good play anyways dnt be such rancid Black Marias people... Apr shinhye ya I have worked difficult thank U and all vitamin D best

Nicey Oct 28 2016 11:44 autopsy What 's the job with you guys.. ? Majority here are stating they do non like Kim Rae Won for Park Shin Hye, they did n't fit, cat is a spot older for miss, etc etc. Truth is, PSH is the 1 to be grateful to KRW, because KRW was able to convey back PSH in the Ratings game. Her Pinocchio did non make rather good in footings of evaluation, first few episodes it has low evaluation, 12 % 13 % , etc. , and it merely ended with 15 % , while Doctors ended in 22 % it did Good far higher evaluation. This figures are official, made by creditable AGB and TnMS, intending responses from Korean families. I could n't assist but notice because its excessively unjust for KRW. I am non a fan of him I merely watched him one time here, and one find him a serious histrion good histrion. Obviously he is more senior histrion than PSH, we need to esteem him. Besides, PSH is non immature anymore she 's I think 26 y.o. , so why non with KRW non excessively large age spread. The 1 with such a immense age spread is Hyerin and Ji Sung in Entetainer with 15 old ages spread. PSY 's Fans, do non be excessively selfish. Good fortune to all! !

Monette Sep 13 2016 10:51 am Here I am once more. Missing these play. I watched the full play from 1 to 20 infinite times already and the feeling is still the same. I 'm aroused and trilled all the same. Missing # Jihyecouple # Raeshincouple losing all the dramatis personae on their superb chumminess on the play. The lone thing is that I wished # Jihye twosome has a nuptials. Anyway that absence makes me conceive of a Season 2 ( wishing ) . Anyway, good fortune to all the cast.. Our Ji Hong ( KRW ) has finished two films already that will be demoing next.. Our Hye Jung ( PSH ) has a film that will be shown besides `` Hyung '' and She will be hiting another film. Good Fortune to Our # RAESHIN Couple.

ummH3 Aug 31 2016 3:15 am Best play for me. I love Hye Jung, I love prof. Hong and all doctors. Their fondness towards the patient is really touching. Their desire is to salvage patients. Hye-jung has retaliation in her bosom, she `` ca n't happy '' but he was really happy when seeing patients. She was really angry with the president Jin, but non with his girl. And eventually she can repay it when Seo woo kneeling to apologise. Chemestry between prof Hong and Hye-jung was first-class. I really.. truly love them. They fell in love 13 old ages ago and still in love until afterwards. Prof Hong as a staff and doctor Yoo as a Fellow, they are really professional at work. About Hye Jung has n't been to the full able to forgive her male parent, because her sad narrative of the yesteryear. She lost her female parent and acquire the evil stepmother. Possibly in Season 2 ( I HOPE ) he could forgive her male parent.

uhall1 Aug 27 2016 1:43 am I merely could non acquire plenty of this drama.I started watching it again.full of life lessons that you could non acquire in any other dramas.it 's so real.and because it 's so existent, some people said it 's deadening. I guess it may reflect to their ain life..while for me and batch of Doctors Fans, DOCTORS is SUPERB..everything flows as it should..not excessively much/over the top nor less... all emotions: choler, hatred, felicity, joy, unhappiness, forgiveness, passionate, empathy, simpathy, compassionate, forfeit, LOVE are merely RIGHT..the relationships between households, male parent and girl, male parent and boy, grandmother and granddaughter, gramps and granddaughter, high school friends, college friends, co-workers at the infirmary are potrayed so Well.

I love all episodes.but the best 1 is Episode 18, when JH sacrificed his calling for HJ to protect her. That is how much he loved her. And when HJ found out about it..she realised that what she has been making to stuff herself up with vengeance..did non make any good for her and for her loved one JH, and the worst thing was.she even made JH suffered. At first she wanted to demo JH that she was tough, strong, and confident to contend JMH for her grandmother 's justness. But it ended up with JH giving himself for her. In episode 19, she told JMH that she was go forthing the infirmary, after she realised that this was the clip for her to pay JH back for what he has done for her,

January Aug 21 2016 1:24 am @ monette.. thanks! this will be the concluding hebdomad for doctors and will sure lose this play a batch. trusting that krw and psh will partner off once more in the hereafter. really few kdramas genuinely caught my involvement every bit much as DOCTORS tho one 'm so into kdramas.. the likes that has light narrative line yet entertaining.. gives out lessons to learn.. no drastic actions done out of green-eyed monster, greed and revenge.. narratives that captives the human bosom with gestures of love, fancy, contemplation, simpleness, practicality and reason. that is what DOCTORS is to me! one 'm so looking frontward to the last 3 episodes with delectation in my bosom.

Klol Aug 21 2016 12:55 am This play sucks, one time it hit 10 episodes, it merely got deadening. Ofc now its acquiring all intense because it 's stoping shortly, but truly hye Jung character is non badass any longer, chief ground why I stopped. Once she got all lovely dovey over a average thats 10 old ages older so her ( like gross, and plus he was her teacher.. in world if people found out your dating person who teached you when you were younger, they would be grossed out ) 2nd ground why I stopped cause they literally dropped jisoo. We got all happy he survived, the show literally abandoned his character. We ne'er got to see what happens following with him. 3rd ground is the overhype. So many astonishing play yet this one gets most of the celebrity because of one actress. thirdly, how fking raging the pa is ( b*tchy-chans pa ) he has no bosom, he 's so cold that I ca n't. and in conclusion Kyung joo. I '' m against people hitting cheeps for no ground. Kyung joo pissed me the fk off. Hiting cheeps for what? They 're your coworkers, you are n't supposed to hit them and shout at them. They can describe your buttocks and yet hes a suction up in forepart of higher category. That 's all Is have to state. If you want badass Park Shin hye, it lasts until ep 10, if you do n't transport her with hong, merely drop the show, no point she isnt acquiring the other fellow.

miaca Aug 21 2016 12:53 am The play is good. At ep4, I was shouting already because of excitement..that experiencing - nice dramatis personaes, good narrative, helicopter thing ( I remember DOTS ) . But as I proceed, I realized..ok..it is a medical play after all. Sad portion, I watched already Good Doctor, D-day and its all right thats love ( psychological ) ..dramas that focal point besides some of their episodes in the patients and have great medical secret plan. I see nil particular in Doctors. and the exhilaration fades bit by bit. But of class, still deserving to watch.. you should n't lose a play with good, beautiful and fine-looking dramatis personaes like this.. You should see to yourself the chemical science of Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye and autumn in love with them once more. < 3

January Aug 16 2016 9:27 autopsy I love watching kdrama. when one start to watch one and happen it interesting, one watch till the terminal. if non, i merely stop. I like kim rae won. he 's an histrion with deepness in moving. hold seen all his kdramas and films available online. although I like all the characters in doctors, Is like his the most. dr. hong Jemaah Islamiyah hong has a cool and realistic personality. his mentality in life is great for person who has undergone so much hurting in the yesteryear. that gives me a spot of a ground to be annoyed with hye Jung character. she 's kinda immature while playing tough and all. the author could hold injected something in the narrative where she did something about her grandma 's instance before the legislative act of restriction ended but to no help. it could hold come in as flashback. Jemaah Islamiyah hong and hye Jung characters though compliment each other. one find the narrative fast paced and interesting and ca n't hold on what others say about it. it 's one of the best kdramas I 've watched with a bosom. every scene and state of affairs has a significance or show of character. if merely the viewing audiences would truly pay attending to it. all the histrions and actresses are giving justness to their characters. kuddos to all the people responsible in conveying out this one great play where people can non merely bask but besides learn something. I do n't belong in the medical field but there are state of affairss where in I could associate and recognize that I could hold done better if i merely thought and did otherwise. i merely wish that the production have made the narrative a spot more longer.

Isolde Aug 16 2016 2:47 autopsy @ one - have you seen the book for this play? way? you must non be paying attending like those who up to now does n't acquire what this play 's about. Is it non fast paced plenty for you or make you necessitate me to explicate it? if you 're non trolling so what precisely is your job? It 's ep 17 & it seems you 're no different from those who whine about this play being deadening or whatever yet they keep watching & even happen clip to come here & whimper. So what if many people are still spurting about this play? How does that impact you? Stop prophesying like you know how every kdrama spectator think & it 's a given people will watch & make up one's mind for themselves. Merely 'coz you do n't wish it does n't intend everybody else shld be put off watching it. You did n't similar Doctors, all right, we get it, now can you merely travel on & non brood on it.

one Aug 16 2016 10:47 am I can see that presently many people are still spurting over this show at ep 17. I envy them their ability to still be enthused by it. Not seeking to be a troll, a hater nor seeking to get down a flame war. But for me, the longer this show goes on the more deadening it has become. I merely adore the dramatis personae. I love medical play. So that is n't the issue. It is the script-writing and way. I feel zero chemical science from the characters. I do non intend romantic chemical science, either. In the terminal it comes off as wholly generic. Which, even with the good dramatis personae, became more and more deadening after about ep 4. Very dissatisfactory show to me. So, if you are new to this show, unless you are a serious Kdrama Fangirl that LOVES EVERYTHING Kdrama no affair what it happens to be, you may really good be disappointed. You may non though, watch it and make up one's mind for yourself.

reinyboo123 Aug 11 2016 3:05 am I feel I need to compose a remark once more after 16 episodes. I left a remark a piece back and I need to vent my sentiment sing some issues. For me..in my honest sentiment, I like the love narrative between Dr. Yoo and Dr. Hong. I like this sort of genre that is laid-back, amusing, sweet, romantic, cheesy and a small emotional. It hits us best because we can associate it to existent life. There are many turns and bends in acquiring their relationship traveling but that 's the play. You have to look into the past and learn from it so you can make better in the hereafter. Dr. Yoo has matured from being a unsmooth bad buttocks adolescent into a physician and easy she learns to command her pique by run intoing Dr. Hong once more. Some remarks on this play are so negative that they hit on the histrions particularly the lead Park Shin Hye. Personally I am a fan of PSH of all time since The Heirs.no affair what they say about her acting.it 's O.K. because it will acquire better finally and it did. Leading public presentation here, but sometimes they bring a good individual down by taking notice of something so fiddling. Just late, they attacked her nail art, of which I truly do n't cognize why? ? ? I know they want to portray a credible character but it 's truly no large trade. I go to hospital clinics frequently as an outpatient and doctors there are good dressed and with nail gloss. These haters notice the small inside informations but they do n't see the difficult work put in by the histrions and actresses in giving us something good to watch every Monday and Tuesday. To the dramatis personae and crew of Doctors.there are 4 more episodes and I would wish to take this chance to thank each and everyone of you for a occupation good done. You gave me something to look frontward to and it makes me happy merely to cognize that there are people like you who know how to entertain. Keep it up and do n't allow the bad remarks and haters affect your work. To PSH, I will be looking frontward to another play after Doctors. Contending unnie! ! ! To KRW, good occupation and amazing chemical science with PSH.hope you two acquire to make another play shortly. LSK and YGS.good occupation and more plaies to come! Congrats on your high ratings.keep it up and do n't mind the covetous people.

Odette Aug 10 2016 3:47 am Every spectator have their ain perspective manner of accepting a certain play. Not merely for the interest of the support of their ain graven image or anticipating more lovey dovey scenes in that peculiar play. I read a tonss of unsated remarks such as bad secret plan, decelerate paced or even bad moving from the lead histrion or actress. To me this play is merely every bit good as DOTS with different sides of the narrative which is more to human emotions covering with work, co-workers, households & love relationship. I think this play is already balanced all. I would maintain observation till the terminal of the episode. Well done Doctors! !

Isolde Aug 09 2016 11:38 autopsy @ EmilyPham - everyone 's different even authors have their ain manner. I do n't of all time experience the supporters being set aside or stagnant merely 'coz others are given camera clip leting their ain narratives to be told. In fact, the leads are easy working through the balance of their issues seeking to decide them. in comparing to other play where the flow 's messed up 'coz excessively much focused is given entirely on the chief leads ' love narrative, relationship or whatever, this play 's author balances it out by presenting & including what the other characters go through. It would be tiring if most of the scenes are entirely on the two leads & everyone else are merely wallpaper flowers. Again like I said if you have your ain outlooks on how this play shld run, how scenes shld unfold etc.then you 'd be disappointed 'coz the author does n't provide entirely to delight one or two viewing audiences. You said so yourself 'what you usually expect ' that means your positions are based on your ain outlooks, non the authors, manufacturers or dramatis personae, non even those of us who have been basking this play & when the play does n't present as you 'expected ' of class it wo n't be gratifying for you. Those of us whose lone outlooks was for this play to do sense, it does do sense while entertaining us & maintaining true to being 'real ' .

Emily Pham Aug 09 2016 10:28 am @ Isolde I really do n't anticipate much from it, I treat it every bit as I do to any other play I watch, but it does come down to perspective. What I usually expect from a play while watching is for it to be climatic, or interesting plenty to maintain you tuned in, making that can be a difficult occupation, particularly since you 're seeking to keep your audience 's attending spans through 1 hr episodes. I know the show 's intent is to include this acquaintance through their side characters so they can link with the audience at a more intimate degree ; but equilibrating side character discharge along with the supporters ' discharge can be highly hard ( since you ca n't hold the best of both universes ) . The show 's sometimes excessively to a great extent focused on its side characters that our supporters gets side lined and finally go dead, and we become cognizant of it since they 're supporters. The manufacturers might be be aftering this ultimate dramatic confrontation between the chief characters towards the terminal of the show but the buildup is non good thought out. Then once more, it 's merely positions, for you this can be its development, for me it can be this show misdirecting itself.

Isolde Aug 08 2016 4:38 autopsy @ EmilyPham - what has changed is that the characters & their narratives had evolved. Doctors had become better since unlike typical melos whose chief focal point is on the chief leads ' love narrative, Doctors is more diverse bec it included the patients ' ain narratives. The secret plans included 'humanness ' between the characters that are really relatable in existent life. I 'm non certain what your thought of what this play 's abt is or what you 're outlooks were. If you 're a spectator who 's so caught up in what you believe this play shld be, or what you think it shld be so yea you 'd be disappointed w/ Doctors 'coz you 'd be so determined on desiring to be 'right ' . Anyway, I 've seen those who keep kicking abt this play yet they keep watching bec whether they deny it or non, this play 's alone entreaty keeps them funny.

Shan Yuan Aug 08 2016 3:55 am PSH is ace in portraying the emotional battle of person who had gone through such difficult life to achieve success in calling. I think the manager fail to demo why Hye Jung is so cold toward her male parent. It is non merely his forsaking of her, his other actions must hold left a darkness deep in her bosom, so the sight of him remind her of the decease of her darling female parent and grandma. Her grandma - the thrust for her to do it through medical school, but imagine that minute of her strivings when none of her beloved one ( grandma and female parent ) was at that place to portion her success at the convocation. This is the sort of strivings that is difficult to wipe out, merely through clip and changeless lease spell of the emotional strivings will she finally able to forgive her male parent and accept and non resent him.

MissLaila Aug 07 2016 4:26 am I am PSH fan to get down with, this play hooked me because of her chemical science with KRW is truly on point. I like the cameo visual aspect in this play but one hope the production squad can restrict them to one episode merely so that more character development can be focus on this play casts. Its already episode 14, but so many struggle remained unresolved. I feel like HyeJung grandmother instance has been dragged for excessively long. Then, there 's JiHong male parents decease. No closing about Nam Goong Min last hebdomad, but I merely hope it halt at that place. Main characters narrative are dragged and most cameo narrative are left hanging. I want to research more Seo Woo characters. Other cameos have better screen clip that hers. She 's a hurt miss, delight mend her excessively.

Cath Gaspar Aug 05 2016 7:31 autopsy I love this play from the really beginning, bcoz I think this is the lone play that dealt with realistic attack in life, I merely hope that the author is non taking away the original secret plan of this play, bcoz I 'm merely worried that the author is all over the topographic point right now. Pls kindly Mr/ Ms author stay focal point on what u want to accomplish with Doctors, I 'm a large fan of PSH and she truly is a great actress pls do n't lose track of what it meant to be from the start. This play could hold surpass the old high evaluation play, kindly do n't lose path, this play is beautiful pls Mr/ Ms. Writer stay focal point, merely 6 episodes left `` Make it work '' . Contending Ms PSH! ! ! !

Doctors was truly exciting from the beginning, but something changed in the recent episodes that makes it kinda stale, whether it be the quiet plot line or merely the duologue and its bringing. I do n't detest the show but I do experience like it 's missing in parts of exhilaration right now. Of class I 'd state the first few episodes to be astonishing, dramatic, appealing but as you progress on to the more recent episodes like episode 14, you start to experience this implicit in repeat in the narrative, there 's merely no polar alteration go oning as it 's merely encompassing side character discharge, I do swoon over the cheesy love affair scenes but that 's it. And to add on that, there 's Park Shin Hye 's playing, she 's a great histrion, loved her in Pinocchio, but there 's truly something level in the manner she speaks, it might be that she 's lodging to her character as a strong willed, hard headed adult female, but she does it so that it looks like an effortless effort to plunge herself in whole. Overall, I truly do wish for something to alter shortly that 'll convey me to my articulatio genuss for of all time knocking it, it 's got a good narrative traveling on and i do n't desire it halt being good, and i do like how they get in touch with the philosophical side of human nature through physician Hong.

Marlei Aug 03 2016 1:52 am Aside from wishing PSH so much. I like how the narrative goes.as you can see from the play itself you can experience all their emotions, the amusing minutes and the strength of the love of dr hye Jung to dr.hong and vise versa.how good they handle and connected with their patients.i am a nurse excessively and I was inspired of their concerns with their patients and the manner how each medical staff support each other when it comes to undertaking each patients instance and whenever they are inside of the operating room.they make the hard state of affairss to go a lighter one and how positive they are in giving attending to the wellness of everyone.but what had caught my attending was how PSH improves when it comes to snoging scene it was the really first clip that she accepted to be kissed that way.ive watched all her films and play so one know.i guess Kim Rae Won is really lucky.PSH is no uncertainty that she is a great actress.she ever has an first-class chemical science with all her prima men.PSH will ever be the best for me.Doctors is the best play excessively for me this twelvemonth.

Random commenter Aug 02 2016 5:36 autopsy I truly bask watching this play, which I found out indiscriminately ( and non because I 'm a fan/follower of either of lead histrions, which I usually do ) . I get it why for some, this play might comes up as drilling, due to the deficiency of intensify struggles or an out of ordinary secret plan. However, the ground why this play has become one of my favourite Korean play so far is because of the duologues, the conversation ( including their interior ideas ) , and the characters. To me, it felt natural ( organic ) and it shows that homo is human. That a individual become what they 've become because what they 've been though in a simple manner. And I merely basking how the two chief character get downing to come in a relationship ( including their talk about altering or instead turning as a individual ) .

Iloveleehyunwoo Jul 27 2016 12:28 am The play was aight so far but at some phases it gets deadening and this is my first clip watching a medical play and it was uncomfortable watching the surgery scenes tbh HAHA but besides that the play was reasonably good overall. Its merely that one dont ship hye Jung with Jemaah Islamiyah hong God I merely cant ship instructors with their pupil and one ship hye Jung with soo chul I feel truly bad for seo woo: ( at times seo woo is pretty immature and makes her state of affairss worse but SOMETIMES i prefer her over hye jung.. ? ? Possibly its coz I feel bad for her: ( sorry this is merely my personal sentiment U can travel bash on me if u want..

reinyboo123 Jul 20 2016 4:45 pm It 's been a piece since I last left a remark about kdrama. I started watching Doctors until the really recent episode, ep 10 and in my sentiment it is a good play unlike what other reappraisals are mouth offing about it non being entertaining and that this and that play has higher spectator evaluations, and that it is does non hold a good plot line and so forth and so forth. These bashers seem to merely sock off and did non even genuinely watch this play. The leads Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye give justness to their characters Dr. Hong and Dr. Yoo..so with the 2nd leads Lee Sung Kyung and Yoon Gyun Sang playing the characters Dr. Jin and Dr. Jung severally.

IamSpartacus Jul 20 2016 4:18 autopsy As a spectator, I do n't care abt popularity of the stars or if they 're 'visuals ' . If I see the playing 's bad in the first 20 or so proceedingss, I wo n't even blow clip on it. This play 's acquiring good evaluations bec it 's interesting & prosecuting. Apart from the strong ensemble of great histrions which is what I frequently look for first in movies/dramas, the playing of both lead & back uping are really convincing & credible. For me, Doctors has the indispensable ingredients of a good play. Each character in this play has a life history. Each character has his/her ain distinguishable personality. The characters have strengths and failings. They each have a unique, distinguishable voice. For ex. SeoWoo’s character sounds merely like her, a combination of how she speaks and what she says makes her that rotten, immature terror she is. Each character attempts to command his/her ain fate by being their ain independent driver within the play.

Second, Kim Rae Won is the sort of histrion that grows on you. He is non your typical flower male child but he decidedly can set on the appeal for you.and he has a big dosage of it! Even if it 's a television scene, when he smiles and laughs you could somehow feel the warm individual inside the histrion. His laughter has a deep-down resonance that makes you desire to be happy and unworried like him, or his function. Oh! And that phonebooth/rain dance sequence.can anyone be cheesier but oh-so-adorable than him? The projecting manager should be vindicated for taking KRW alternatively of person with a pretty face. KRW 's good looks is from the image book of the `` classics. ''

IamSpartacus Jul 19 2016 7:51 autopsy This play 's got a good balance of fictional but still wholly plausible thoughts. It made me, the viewer start thought in item of how one thing leads to another, and instead than merely concentrating on one individual incident like how HyeJung 's grandma 's unlawful decease triggered her whole pursuit for truth & justness, I look at how the beginning, middle & terminal could come together. Besides, this play has believable, interesting, prosecuting characters ( both lead & back uping ) that are capable of researching a secret plan line & traveling on journeys. Fictional characters like HyeJung, JiHong, YoonDo & even evil SeoWoo who could be in existent life and each one of them with their ain layered, relevant narratives to state. Stories that I, the spectator want to follow.

This is my anticipation. One of them is a tragedy accident Jemaah Islamiyah hong Ma and Dad. The cause of the accident is nerve-racking hye Jung male parent, cognizing that his married woman was holding an matter with his old lover and cognize that hye Jung non his ain kid. And if this is true I am certain his former lover was the male parent yoon do. And hye Jung can non do love with yoon do. There may be hope for seo woo. But hatred and greed, household wealth and do them detest each other. Similarly hye Jung if she knows what happened to her grandmother as a consequence of mistakes in operating seo woo male parent. Possibly Jemaah Islamiyah hong will be back at his old friend. And I hope that at the terminal of the episode hye Jung did non stop with dr hong or joo Ses but cameo between ja geun suk or yong hwa.. hahaha merely my anticipation of 20 cents.

Dani Jul 17 2016 5:30 am @ Yummyj. most realistic remarks! ! Thumbs up to u. Why is it when it 's PSH 's play, everyone is so worked up about age spread & snoging scenes? ? ? Why I do n't see any of you hassle over So Ji Sub and Kim Ji Won 's 15yrs age spread in One Sunny Day! ! ! ! Guys older than misss is nil in existent life! ! But everyone seems to be able to accept if the actress is older than the histrion? ? ? ? DOTS, SHK is 5 year older than SJK, Secret Love Affair - YAI is 29 & Kim Hee-Ae is 49. this is all O.K. ? ? ? and yet all the fuss about 9yrs! ! ! My aunty is besides 9yrs younger than my uncle & it 's existent life! Screw the age spread and watch the play for the playing and narrative! !

Yummyj Jul 16 2016 10:10 am I do n't cognize why people are still dwelling on the age difference. Many play with older man/younger adult female or frailty poetries are shown. Not merely this play. And for those who kept speaking about teacher/student relationship in this play, you are misinformed. The existent love affair does n't get down until 13 old ages after when both are grownups and are doctors.she 's 31 and he is 40 old ages old. Did you anytime see them traveling beyond romantic relationship when she was still a student.helloooo.no kiss scene, no hugs, no handholding! She admired him when she was a pupil. As a instructor he did n't travel any farther. As for the plot line, it is chiefly the development of the characters. Hye Jung suffered so much maltreatment as a kid that she built up a wall around herself. Ji Hong besides suffered when he was immature. Ji Hong is easy seeking to interrupt down her wall and demo how to swear and love once more.

dangz Jul 13 2016 9:45 autopsy Why would emotionally, mentally holding a hard to wish to love this brace up couple Hye Jung/ Hong and torment yourself BC your deslikeness... ( Is have ne'er watçh empress ki, my love from the star bc of an older women/younger adult male pair up in those drama despite how much I like ji Chang wook and Kim Soo hyun ) because I prefer it should be same age or older man/younger adult females but if it must.. it All right older women/younger adult male with no more than 4yrs age cubic decimeter still can digest.in Doctors merely concentrate on the good value.. like the plot line, secret plan, scripts..and at that place was a tonss of thing I have learned from this drama.. action tremors/essential shudders, awake surgery, .. '' Neurosurgery trade with the brain..the encephalon control human body..neurosurgery regulations over all.. ! ! ! ! ''

iwatchdoctorstoo Jul 13 2016 9:30 pm the chief failings for doctors are its weak secret plan and plot line. one dont see any narratives at all. if they want to state on hye Jung life, please be more in deepness, show more of herself. but, i merely acquire a small from her narrative, so it is truly difficult to set my involvement, my sympathy, or to be truly connected with her. the play attempt to concentrate more on the love affair side, the cheesy interactions and duologue, which is one think ok if it is non excessively frequent. the first 3 episodes are merriment for me and im looking frontward for it but so, it starts to be a muss, losing their focal point and narrative. there are 20 episodes and we are left with 12 episodes more, which i think excessively long for this play. and one think that all of us agree that this play has no strong secret plan, narrative to give to us as we can see most of us merely talk about who is with who, this histrion is fine-looking, that histrion is old, blahblah.little have praised about their plot line, the quality of this play and their playing. so one think this play is wonderfully overrated.

> . Jul 13 2016 4:56 autopsy K dont detest me but i truly dont like Ji Hong and Hye Jung together._.. Its merely that he is excessively old for her and I dont truly see/feel the chemical science between them. I love both histrions ( particularly shin hye unnie! ) but I merely feel like their characters do n't engage good. Tbh I SHIP HYE JUNG AND SOO CHUL. Like ik its non a popular ship and that Soo Chul is non a super large character BUT I CANT HELP IT. To me their chemical science is undeniable! ! They would do such an astonishing twosome. SARANG HAE JI SOO haha. :3. I hope ji soo gets more screen clip. I want to cognize more about his character and the back narrative between soo chul and hye Jung. This is merely my sentiment haha:3. Fight DOCTORS CAST! ! !

Yoon Zara Jul 11 2016 9:44 am I really does n't truly comfy about instructor and pupil relationship so I was gon na drop this play after 2 episodes even though my favs Minsuk and Kyunsang are on it but after watching Seo Woo and Yoon Do scenes in ep 6 ( it was aired on my television ) esp scene where Seo Woo helped that ahjumma from the eating house but so the ahjumma ended up dies T.T I feel so bad for Seo Woo she looks so sad until she does n't recognize Yoon Do was embracing her T.T I want to see more of them once more! so I decide to go on it~ I truly hope Seo Woo and Yoon Do will stop up together delight allow the ship sail~

Lin Jul 10 2016 9:44 pm so..some of fan ship hye Jung with yoon do..yes yoon do is capturing look younger chesty cheabol cute inexperienced person smiling a spot childish..love yoon do..BUT one love Prof Hong MORE..I believe he is the right adult male, the perfect one for Hye Jung..Hye Jung has a really painful yesteryear abused by her stepmother.. afraid of skinship, love, and she think she is dont have a privilege to be loved..Prof Hong is the adult male the perfect 1 he is bright, strong personality, cheesy, directly frontward, matured, and he knows hye Jung inside out..he is the 1 can demo the manner to Hye Jung. how to open up her head, her bosom and enjoyed her life in a manner she should be..ship prof Hong/Hye Jung all the manner! ! ! !

Dr Yoo and Dr Yoon Jul 09 2016 8:36 am I love Dr Yoo and Dr Yoon so much. I ship them together so much since the 2nd episode. ( because that 's when they met ) the play is still on-going and I guess it 's still filming, so I hope that at the terminal of the show Dr Yoo and Dr Yoon would be together. It 's non that I do n't wish Prof Hong, but it does n't look right that a pupil and instructor becomes lover? I mean in this show Prof Hong is most likely 10 old ages or more older than Dr Yoo and though he treats her rather good, I feel that he is n't rather right for her? I mean Dr Yoo and Dr Yoon were enemies and now that they are friends, I ship them together so much more. My bosom literally dropped when I saw Prof Hong kissed Dr Yoo, I still ca n't wait for following episode though. Hope Dr Yoo and Dr Yoon end up together. Forever Dr Yoo and Dr Yoon shipper.

Yoyoo Jul 08 2016 2:10 am I truly bask and acquire addicted to this play so far. Somehow I feel that the book is so scattered.. I want more interact between the chief leaders and non much chitchatting between the supportting characters. I love Dr.Hong Hong Hong and Dr. Yoo Hye. Dr.Yoo Hye is an attractive adult female. strong but empty interior. she needs love and protection. Dr.Hong Hong Hong is merely the right 1 for her. I love other characters excessively. I hope the narrative line will be on this right path. Doctors contending! ! ! I am looking frontward to your success! ! ! Thank you for the good play do far! ! ! < 3

lyne Jul 07 2016 9:38 autopsy hi..Doctors lovers..patiently waiting for following episode.. and re-watching the old ep once more and once more. @ Radwa Ahmed..good dramatis personae? yes..definitely.. hapless secret plan? sorry to say..disagree. there 's so many good plot..teachers love ( bad teacher..hye Jung old school V good instructor gentle and caring Mr Hong ) .. friendly relationships ( hye jing/ shortly hee ) , trueness, household 's love ( hye Jung/grandma ) their interactions so touching remind me to my late grandma.. and there 's so many good plots..what? .. Prof Hong is like..so smooth ( your ain words ) daym what sort of confessions is that? ( your ain inquiry ) .. Dang it ( my ain word/phrase..since I do n't desire to compose a bad word. hehehe.. ) you said that you ca n't happen something we have n't seen before? and the following your inquiries was the prove there is so a new secret plan you have n't been before..it was a confession by Prof Hong.. Dr Jung yoon do..yes this the name of 2nd lead that you 're do n't remember.. really I think you 're non a fan..because if you are..how could you non even retrieve their name..never mind the back uping role..but 2nd lead? ..that 's merely turn out. merely how ignorance you are.The KISS..the really foremost snog a chaste kiss between an guiltless full-blown adult females ( no dating experience and all sort of relationship ) with celibacy matured man..gosh! ! what do expected for a first kiss.. French kiss or eating each others mouth? like `` Another miss Ohio '' ..if you like that sort of scene..then go and watch an grownup drama/ film ( oh..am I excessively rough? ..sorry.. no difficult feelings OK )

Radwa Ahmed Jul 07 2016 6:53 autopsy I 'm lacerate between the good dramatis personae and the hapless secret plan. Honestly what is the secret plan? I ca n't happen something we have n't seen before or something to set me on border waiting for the following episode. BESIDES I truly ca n't experience the love narrative between the two chief leads, I thought it 'll be something new like a instructor and a pupil relationship and all but physician Hong is like. so smooth. Daym what sort of confession is that? Amd we all ca n't deny that 's elasticated rapidly '_ ' I really ship her with the other physician ( I forgot his name keke ) I think it 's more interesting and cute. And allow 's non speak about the kiss lol it was so lame ~_~ I think we are holding a new inheritor here ( non a good thing.. for me at least )

lyne Jul 02 2016 11:17 autopsy @ K8m me.cast, PD did a good job..yes wholly agreed..but bad books? plot line BLEH and MEH? ..sorry wholly disagree.. you know why? ..for person who was watching it until ep2 than bead at that point..actually the plot lines is merely begun to develop in ep3..one of the chief narrative is get downing in Ep3..your remarks is SO LAME and revealed how shallow thought you are.. more to `` judge the books by its screen '' .you said bad medical play? I do n't cognize why you said that bc ep1/ep2..there 's was merely one scene involve with Medical portion ( Hong Jemaah Islamiyah Hong seeking to salvage a pregnant lady on the street ) other than this there was None others scene.medical sene merely started in ep4 and to state Doctors was a bad medical play? at least watching it untill ep4 or more..do you accomplished how unjust your remarks was? ..shoot! ! ! your remarks was BLEH! ! ! MEH! ! and so Feeble! ! ! .. PS: sorry for my non so good English.. but I hope you 're understand it anyway..and sorry for my rough words.

Giya Jul 02 2016 3:57 am I candidly think this play has been reasonably good with its medical parts, of class they ca n't be ace hyper realistic cause existent surgeries are gross and non everyone in Korea wants to see that, so they have to work around the censoring, and things like that, so bravo to them. I do wish they were a spot more accurate with station op attention though. Besides technically it was her debut twenty-four hours so anything reasonably much done that twenty-four hours could be forgiven under the right fortunes. The play so far has been truly cagey, amusing, sad and sometimes questionable, but overall truly good. Of class the instructor and pupil relationship felt a small rushed but I think that 's because if they spent excessively much clip on the physique up they would acquire their episodes cut. so I do hold my ailments but nil adequate to do me non watch it. It compensates for its defects and I enjoy every minute of this play. I hope it increases its evaluations.

Alisha Jun 29 2016 5:41 autopsy @ beng..Having watching this play from ep1 to ep4..I hold my conclusions..its truly deserving watching..because it about love, friendly relationships, trueness, and many more good quality even though there was a defect like you said the fight scene between Hye Jung ( PSH character ) and the mobsters guit unrealistic due to moral value/work moralss and I agree..should allow Security to manage the situation.. but despite that I love that fight scene because I was so impressed by PSH soldierly art skills..that was amazing! ! . and really after had a deep/logic thinking.. if PSH did n't non arrived on clip when one of the pack is about to take a blow/ clout to à doctors in charged.maybe one or more Doctors or even pip the populaces or patients would stop up in the exigency room along with the mobster foreman who is really critical at that moment..is n't it? its non `` excessively sensational '' since there was merely one or really few fans take noticed about that flaw..or possibly overall the viewing audiences are matured plenty to admit that 's fight scene is merely for amusement purposes..so far one love this drama..yes it confirm.and I been watching the other medical play which aired the same time..that play reasonably good despite so many flaws..especially a simply traffic officer moving as a detective roving about in the infirmary premiss anytime anywhere.. and can access/enter doctors room without a warrant? .. but I still wanted to watch..because of the male lead is one of my fave actor..but IF I have to choose.. between this two play? stilI I prefer Doctors Crush..Uuh..sorry for my non so good English.. since it non my first languages..and I feel need to take a portion in order to defence something I like/love..

lynnusin91 Jun 29 2016 5:29 am I know most of us here are PSH 's fans. I like her ( possibly non her difficult fan ) and she did first-class occupation and her attitude excessively which satisfies me. I am here because of the lead histrion, my adult male Mr Kim Rae Won! To me, this adult male is really particular ; maintaining his life really low profile that barely could see him look in any societal media. But his playing accomplishment is no joke misss ; enormously awesome! Love him since 'A Thousands Promise ' and candidly if there is Kim Rae Won, be it in play or film, decidedly will convey it to the point of success! Watching Doctors, I found both lead are truly great in their acting function and do n't advert their chemical science! Superb and love it to the soap! And I have nil against the 2nd lead and other dramatis personaes excessively! Congratulations to the author, manufacturer and all actors/actresses involved! So far, you all did good! Doctors 2016 the best!

Peter Jun 29 2016 2:35 am half half with this play. I like medical play and I like park shin hye but one find it upseting the instructor development and utilizing his place as a instructor to do himself appealing. I do n't cognize how it goes it eastern states, even though one am Asian. But here in Australia, such things a taboo, and badly monitored within the school system. Unless your a parent you would non understand the trust they put on instructors to educate their kids non act upon them to day of the month. It besides a educated survey in known universities, that is why Torahs are implemented to supervise such behaviours.

Iamspartacus Jun 26 2016 5:14 autopsy @ shinwon - I understand what you mean. PSH is so good at allowing her co-stars particularly her prima work forces shine that one ca n't assist but fall in love and root for her and the cat she 's paired up with. PSH is so good at her trade and anything she does in and outside show-business, because she does them with so much sincerity, genuineness, passion and innate true endowments that are brooding on both her words and actions. In the show-business universe where famous persons would make anything to be on top and remain on top including deviating from their true egos & making images the populace will purchase, PSH is a rare gem. She stays true to herself and from my observations non one time had she spoken or shown behaviours that would do one inquiry her intelligence, character and sincerity both as a famous person and as an ordinary individual.

Iamspartacus Jun 26 2016 2:54 autopsy @ James - no concerns. I was simply proposing possibly give it a attempt, but as ever at the terminal of the twenty-four hours, it 's a spectator 's free pick. Did you see the existent scenes the commenter had issues with? If you did, you might likely hold a different sentiment esp the following ep looks like it will set down the smattering of viewing audiences ' unrest. Yes, in existent life one ca n't foretell who one will be attracted to & autumn in love with so I respect that each individual has the freedom to take. Anyway, I 'm in academe excessively but have chose to stay unfastened minded & accepting that Doctors is merely a fictional play. Unlike those smattering of viewing audiences kicking here, I did n't take anything literally nor did I assume the play 's authors were deliberately advancing inappropriate teacher-student relationships. I merely bask it for what it is, a PSH play. I 'm a PSH fan so irrespective of what her play 's plot line is about, I 'm here to back up her. I do esteem your sentiment though. Have a great twenty-four hours!

I do n't understand when some remarks say its non natural.what is non natural? Do you cognize that falling in love between instructor and pupils are so natural.especially when the age spread is non so big..its so human..and what is non natural from a mobster background to be come a sawbones? My friend was a bibulous pupil when he was in the high school.consuming drugs.skipped the category most of the times..but now.he is a bosom sawbones. And there was another 1 who now became a Uni Lecturer. The point is... people can change..and it happens in existent life... nil is impossible..

Sneha Nair Jun 23 2016 2:54 am inally the princess park shin hye is back with a new drama..shin hye is my fav Korean actress..n I liked kim rae won really much in my small bride..so I am really much excited about park shin hye- kim rae won pairing..its like a dream semen true..i started watching this play for shin hye..but the narrative is excessively good..i wholly loved the 2 episodes..i ship shin hye with all her male costars but one think she is traveling to hold the best chemical science with kim rae one..its gon na be an heroic brace for sure..first 2 episodes were beyond my expectation..hope they will maintain it up..cant wait for the following episode.when will it aerate? ps: shin hye has lost a batch of weight..i know she did it purposefully to fit for this role..she still looks beautiful but one prefer her with that babe tablet of fat on her face. -biggest fan of shin hye from india.

Iamspartacus Jun 22 2016 4:50 autopsy @ James - if you take one commenter 's word w/o look intoing the play out first, it could be your loss. Some people merely tend to allow their imaginativenesss run wild with certain scenes & read excessively much into them, alternatively of taking it for what it is - a fictional play w/ histrions playing fictional functions. The narrative is abt an 18 year old miss, non some minor kid, who unhappily had an unfortunate childhood & felt the demand to construct a shield to protect herself from being farther taken advantage of by those she comes in contact w/ . Meeting a lovingness instructor who of class had to make his best to gain her trust in order to assist her see that there 's still people around her who truly attention for. Unfortunately, there are malicious people, who irrespective of how guiltless their interactions are, will ever set 'meanings ' into anything & everything. Whether a relationship does bloom between the two of them, I 'm certain the author ( s ) are n't non traveling to deliberately pique viewing audiences. In fact, on the following ep, it seems that rumours spread by malicious people will coerce the instructor to go forth the occupation he cared abt.

Iamspartacus Jun 21 2016 4:26 autopsy Park Shin Hye has this extraordinary ability to do her co-stars ( even those playing back uping functions ) radiance, be it in films or play. She does n't hog all the limelight. Her natural playing, whatever the function she 's playing, does n't rule others. Alternatively it enhances & complements the playing of those around her. She has the ability to make a natural chemical science w/ whoever her prima work forces are that one ca n't assist but fall in love with her character. She can do you shout with her, laugh with her and experience the emotions & hurting she 's traveling through. I do n't wish tear jerkers bec I seldom find actors/actresses that can stir my emotions, PSH is one of the really few actresses who can do me make for Kleenex.

mummykoko Jun 21 2016 10:58 am To me, Park Shin Hye 's playing ever first-class, be it in play or film. The endowment, she owns it and her good attitude she of course borns with it. The haters? Well, whether you like it or non, merely maintain soundless to your ain goodself! It is easy to state ( knock & bad mouthed ) than to make! This clip with Kim Rae Won as her carbon monoxide star, they both will decidedly do it roar. With their great chemical science, interesting storyline plus fantastic and talented other dramatis personaes, I have a feeling its traveling to be one of the best 2016 Kdrama! Kim Rae Won, good occupation fine-looking male child and maintain up your first-class work! To the remainder, all the best! Manner to travel Doctors 2016!

Esther May 01 2016 4:34 am It’s ever a joy watching you Park Shin Hye in 2014 & 2015 Lotte Duty Free music picture, The Beginning of a Lyrical Journey in Jeju with Donghae, Leeteuk and Eunhyuk, New Dream Journey teaser, You’re so Beautiful with Lee Min Ho, Dream Journey in Jeju with Jang Keun Suk, … . Most of all, I enjoy every minute of the journey with you. I am eager for more good intelligence about you. Now, I ca n't wait to see you in your approaching play DOCTOR with Kim Rae Won, Yoon Gyun Sang, Lee Sung Kyung, Kim Young Ae, Ji Soo, Moon Ji In. Dr Yoo Hye Jung & writter Ha Myung Hee & cast Hwaiting! Park Shin Hye Saranghaeyo!

Dee Apr 14 2016 4:35 am This show will see PSH 's character Hye Jung traversing mountains and mountains to go the Best Neurosurgeon. Her background and her yesteryear will decidedly be one of the mountains she has to traverse. I guess there will be person evil and jealous of her who will uncover her yesteryear in order to kick her out of the infirmary or halt her from being a physician wholly. Hope the author will give Hye Jung a strong & smart character who will non be defeated easy. Besides, author, manager, etc. delight do non do any silly and unrealistic scenes like in DOTS and other play. This is a medical play so please do certain the Acts of the Apostless are realistic.

Chatelaineces Apr 05 2016 4:30 am Kim Rae Won has the emotional scope to take any function given him. He was cutesy in My Young Bride. He was tough in Gangnam Blues. And he was conflicted in Punch. He may be older than Park Shin Hye but if the function is that of a Sunbae Doctor or even the Chief of the Medical Department, being older is a asset. He is besides ruggedly handsome in a sad kind of manner that I feel will accommodate Park Shin Hye 's perky cheery temperament. I feel this is an interesting lucifer because separately they bring to the home base really many old ages of great acting experience. Both apply themselves to the functions they have accepted and are really professional. If I was a dissipated adult male I bet these two will give us a play worth expecting and watching. Besides, Park Shin Hye, at the apex of her calling, is non looking for merely something different or novel. She is besides looking at commercial viability. I am certain she and her squad have checked this out.

Chae Mar 22 2016 8:34 autopsy Honestly, I am a immense fan of Kim Rae Won. There is merely a 10 twelvemonth difference between KRW and PSH. I candidly love KRW 's playing and she needs a good histrion to smooth her moving accomplishments. PSH will hold to seek harder if she is paired up with KRW. KRW is one of those histrions that you have to maintain your oculus on. He does non accept play offerings easy. There was a spread between his play Punch and A Thousand Days ' Promise. If he accepts this function, there must be something particular within the book that we are non told. I trust that he will be given a bigger function than your typical male histrion in Doctors. I noticed with the sudden name alteration that there is a good opportunity KRW will acquire a immense function.

may Mar 22 2016 12:44 am I 'm LOL with some remarks here sing Kim Rae Won, I guess your more concern about popularity huh? ? ? heol! Excuse me everyone, do you have any thought that Kim Rae Won is more higher degree than Park Shin Hye it footings of their field? I guess your non! and do you even realize that if Kim Rae Won accepts this play it might no longer a female centric play because for certain he has the bigger function comparison to PSH because he has the right to demand about his function, his non a typical histrion but one of those high demand histrion seniors and for you to cognize most of the Knets/Inets are non even agree with these partner offing stating `` KRW deserves better '' If I were to take I would instead her brace up with those ahjussi who has moving chops for her image as an actress to be more solid, no more flower male child! PSH possibly popular but in footings of public acknowledgment as an actress she is still `` Meeh '' you will cognize that if your truly a fan of PSH and concern more about her being a genuinely actress non merely because she keeps being paired up with those popular male childs! and in conclusion do n't undervalue those Ahjussi/Senior histrions they are more higher level/well praise than some of those Popular Boys now a days.. this is pathetic! LMAO: Phosphorus

Bol Mar 15 2016 10:02 am I dont know much a turn Kim Rae Won, but his age suit to the function, his face suit to male character excessively. I do n't believe Doctor is a sort of so love affair, so `` best chemical science '' is no demand. Beside, I think Rae Won and Shinhye match eachother reasonably good. And the most of import. Rae Won 's act is better than Kim Soo Hyun and Ji Chang Wook for certain. Base on a batch of things need for this play, among Rae Won, Soo Hyun, Chang Wook. To me, Rae Won is the best pick, no uncertainty. And certain, if Shinhye and Rae Won accept it, this twosome will do play better. The offers from Doctor ( besides Sung Kyung ) are so right for now, I think.

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