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Thunniform swimmers such as the Scombrids have a figure of ecomorphological accommodating for their manner of motive power. The trademark of thunniforms are a teardrop portion and a stiff bodied swimming style.1.. They have from 5 to 11 little separate non-depressible canvas like finlets in a row running from the dorsal and anal fives out on onto the pununcle. These fives serve to reflect H2O along the peduncles to cut down retarding force and so increase swimming velocity. The drawn-out anal may besides assist to keep stableness. The organic structure remains stiff while the caudal peduncle and tail move to bring forth push. The angle of the caudal five is changed during each stage of the tail round so to maintain maximal push at all times. This means there is a concentration of musculus in the mid subdivision of the fish. The dark coloring material in the diagram below on the left manus side indicates ruddy musculus. The caudal five shows high aspect ratio. `` The symmetrical morphology of the homocercal tail has led to the premise that, during steady swimming, forces are generated merely in the horizontal plane and that no is lift produced '' . 9

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