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Old English hlysnan `` to listen, '' from Proto-Germanic *khlusinon ( californium. Dutch luisteren, Old High German hlosen `` to listen, '' German lauschen `` to listen '' ) , from PIE root *kleu- `` hearing, to hear '' ( californium. Sanskrit srnoti `` hears, '' srosati `` hears, obeys ; '' Avestan sraothra `` ear ; '' Middle Persian srod `` hearing, sound ; '' Lithuanian klausau `` to hear, '' slove `` luster, award ; '' Old Church Slavonic slusati `` to hear, '' slava `` fame, glorification, '' slovo `` word ; '' Greek klyo `` hear, be called, '' kleos `` study, rumour, fame glorification, '' kleio `` make celebrated ; '' Latin cluere `` to hear oneself called, be spoken of ; '' Old Irish ro-clui-nethar `` hears, '' clunim `` I hear, '' clu `` fame, glorification, '' cluada `` ears ; '' Welsh clywaf `` I hear ; '' Old English hlud `` loud, '' hleoðor `` tone, melody ; '' Old High German hlut `` sound ; '' Gothic hiluþ `` listening, attending '' ) . The -t- likely is by influence of Old English hlystan ( see list ( v.2 ) ) . For vowel development, see bury. As a noun from 1788 ( on the listen `` watchful '' ) .

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