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Two specific environmental demands dominate seaweed ecology. These are the presence of saltwater ( or at least brackish H2O ) and the presence of light sufficient to drive photosynthesis. Another common demand is a steadfast fond regard point, although some genera such as Sargassum and Gracilaria have species that float freely. As a consequence, seaweed most normally inhabit the portion of a sea that is near to the shore ( the littoral zone ) and within that zone more often on rocky shores than on sand or shake. Seaweed occupy a broad scope of ecological niches. The highest lift is merely wetted by the tops of sea spray, the lowest is several metres deep. In some countries, littoral seaweed can widen several stat mis out to sea. The restricting factor in such instances is sunlight handiness. The deepest life seaweed are some species of ruddy algae.


In Asia, Gim ( Korean nutrient ) ( 김 , Korea ) , nori ( 海苔 , Japan ) , zicai ( 紫菜 , China ) are sheets of dried Porphyra used in soups, sushi wrap or onigiri ( rice balls ) . Chondrus crispus ( normally known as 'Irish moss ' or carrageenan moss ) is another ruddy alga used in bring forthing nutrient additives, along with Kappaphycus and gigartinoid seaweed. Porphyra is a ruddy alga used in Wales to do Laver. Laverbread, made from oats and the Laver, is a popular dish at that place. In northern Belize, comestible seaweed are assorted with milk, nutmeg, cinnamon, and vanilla to do a common drink dearly called `` dulce '' ( or `` sweet '' ) .

Seaweed are besides harvested or cultivated for the extraction of alginate, agar and carrageenin, gelatinlike substances jointly known as hydrocolloids or phycocolloids. Hydrocolloids have attained commercial significance as nutrient additives. The nutrient industry exploits their gelling, water-retention, emulsifying and other physical belongingss. Agar is used in nutrients such as confectionery, meat and domestic fowl merchandises, sweets and drinks and moulded nutrients. Carrageenan is used in salad dressings and sauces, dietary nutrients, and as a preservative in meat and fish merchandises, dairy points and baked goods.

Research paper about seaweeds

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Medicative Uses of Seaweeds

SEAWEED CONSUMPTION Simply eating unrefined dried seaweeds can give many mending benefits. Many physical complaints in both worlds and their comrade animate beings can be on a regular basis resolved with the simple add-on of seaweeds to their several diets. Although curative seaweed components can be extracted singly or in bunchs, in instances of chronic conditions, I normally recommend patients eat seaweeds, non extracts. I prefer the seaweeds to be eaten uncooked in most instances. The digestive vegetation in a peculiar individual may take up to 4 months to hold to bring forth dedicated enzymes to thoroughly digest dietetic seaweeds. Oftimes the individual’s enteroflora must perpetrate resources to acknowledging the molecular constructions on and in seaweeds and later utilize them as nutrient. This is the footing for the recommendation that it is far more productive to eat a little sum of seaweed day-to-day instead than larger sums on occasion. The key to bacterial dietetic version is continual exposure to the new nutrient stuff. Consequently, positive curative alterations caused by eating seaweeds on a regular basis may take several hebdomads to several months to go obvious.

All indispensable minerals are provided by dietetic seaweeds. No land works even remotely approaches seaweeds as beginnings of metabolically-required minerals ( See Bergner1997 ) . Seaweeds can supply minerals frequently absent from fresh water and nutrient harvests grown on mineral-depleted dirts. In add-on to eating seaweeds on a regular basis, those gardening for nutrient can utilize voluminous sums of seaweeds for mulch and fertiliser ( Traditional Irish fertiliser, see: Man of Aran, and The Field ) , add seaweeds copiously to compost, and even do seaweed tea sprayed straight onto foliages for foliar eating through the pores, as ways to therapeutically acquire trace elements into patients a trifle covertly.

For our organic structures to map, we use proteins called enzymes. Most enzymes require one or more coenzymatic factors ; these coenzymatic factors are normally one or more metals. cations. Chronic dietetic deficits or disease-related mineral depletions can bring forth both specific and general disease conditions: Iodine deficit consequences in changing grades of thyroid disfunction ; hapless soaking up of dietetic Ca can ensue in osteoporosis. Adequate residential organic structure mineral supplies are critical for optimum organic structure system working. My personal observations support the impression that non-specific disease classs such as Chronic Fatigue, deficiency of energy, subclinical depression and down unsusceptibility are likely due to unequal minerals either in the diet and /or in the organic structure. Many times I have seen inveterate dog-tired patients exhibit complete symptom declaration after several hebdomads of adding 5-10 gms of seaweeds to their day-to-day diets.

In the hydrous seaweeds, natural or cooked, minerals are largely in aqueous solution and readily available for enteric soaking up in worlds. These accrued minerals can be slackly considered primary metabolites. Even though they are non manufactured by the seaweeds, they are concentrated against the osmotic gradient to do a much higher concentration of each mineral inside seaweed cells and intercellular infinites than in the surrounding saltwater. This enables seaweeds to utilize H2O equilibrium mechanics to travel stuffs in and out of their cells. It is no accident that seaweeds concentrate metal cations and other elements many times their several concentrations in saltwater. They have about limitless entree to mineral resources unavailable to most land workss and animate beings.

Chronic baneful human I lack developed during 7000 of uninterrupted extractive agribusiness in the inside of China ensuing in 10s of 1000000s of near-cretinous citizens by the mid-1900’s. For intervention, the Chinese developed warm-water Laminaria kelp assortments which they now cultivate in great measure with full small towns turning and treating up to 650,000 metric dozenss each twelvemonth to supply more than adequate dietetic I for 1.5 billion Chinese ( Druehl,2000 ) . This is a most funny successful wonder ; about 5000 old ages ago, in an herbal attributed to the Emperor Shen Nung, goitre was described, and the intervention was seaweed, seemingly Fucus. Nori seaweed was besides touted as the most fantastic elixer ( Katzutosi ) .

IODINE PROTECTION The iodine narrative as related to human wellness took an interesting bend when Uranium was used to do atomic fission: one of the decay merchandises of atomic detonations is Iodine 131. That means non merely atomic arms, bombs, but besides, all of the controlled atomic events in Nuclear reactor fuel rods. ALL NUCLEAR FACILITIES release radioactive Iodine 131 into the ambiance. Hundreds of them are licensed to make so. This means that we are all continually and unpredictably dusted with Iodine 131 every twenty-four hours of every twelvemonth. As shown by dependable research for over 50 old ages, atomic power works stack gases circle the Earth in 3-5 yearss, continuously dusting us all until all settled. Additionally, there are atomic catastrophes, such as Three-mile Island in USA and Chernobyl in Ukraine. The Chernobyl catastrophe on 26.April 1986 released tremendous measures of Iodine 131 into the ambiance. Since so, 1000000s of iodine131-induced thyroid disease patients have been reported worldwide get downing shortly after the event and go oning today. Relatively rare 20 old ages ago and unknown prior to 1945, thyroid malignant neoplastic disease is now the figure one malignant neoplastic disease in kids in USA. Thyroid malignant neoplastic disease is one of the fastest increasing malignant neoplastic diseases in both grownup work forces and adult females.

Iodine 131 is risky because our organic structures will merrily take it in if we need iodine. Since prior to the human atomic age there was no iodine 131, we have no defence against it if we need iodine, and no manner to selectively egest it. IF we have sufficient I in our organic structures, Iodine 127, the lone natural I isotope, our organic structures will non take in the heavier iodine 131. How the deliberation is done is an interesting inquiry to be considered elsewhere. The critical information is: if we continually take in 150 mcgs of iodine 127 daily, we will most probably be protected from iodine-deficiency “iodine aggressive uptake” . We can make this by eating 5-10 gms of seaweeds daily. If we are disquieted about I 131 which moderately might be expected in the seaweed, we can allow the seaweed I 131 if any, decay for 8 hebdomads. How do we cognize and anticipate this seaweed I to be protective against iodine 131 radioactive dust and decay? The Polish illustration. Within hours after the oncoming of the Chernobyl catastrophe, Polish governments acted to acquire iodine solutions, K and Na iodide tablets, even seaweed tablets and capsules into as many of their citizens as possible to protect them from the nearby immense sums of iodine 131 coming their manner. Over the intervening 20 old ages, the Polish people treated with I 127 have about 1000 clip less thyroid disease than neighbouring states even further than Poland from the Chernobyl catastrophe site.

Unfortunately, ALL Nuclear Power Plants are atomic catastrophes waiting to go on. Not because of evil purpose ( we hope ) but because of mechanical and stuffs impairment and human mistake. Hundreds more atomic power workss are planned, particularly by developing states dying to cut down their energy dependences on fossil fuels. Of class, that will intend progressively immense sums of radioactive I 131 into the ambiance and immense measures of atomic waste imploring for safe disposal. Simpler of class, would be to boil H2O with solar mirrors. All atomic power workss so far are merely fancy H2O boilers. Strange.

Eat your seaweeds.

Frequently, distraught patients will kick of changeless “salt cravings” even though they eat a batch of salty foods.”I merely can’t seem to acquire adequate salt” is a common statement. These people are frequently fleshy, puffy ( edemic ) , and complain of exhaustion. I suggest high-potassium powdered seaweed ( about any seaweed, although the kelps tend to hold more K than other seaweeds ) up to 10 gms daily until symptoms resolve. So far, I have non encountered any indicants of K toxicity which might hold been caused by inordinate ingestion of hi-potassium seaweeds, although such toxic condition may be possible. If practicians are concerned, order less seaweed ingestion at any one clip.

Using brown algae as portion of an aggressive metal remotion intervention program is recommended for both acute and chronic exposures and existent toxic condition. Reducing farther exposure to heavy metals is of class indispensable for a metal remotion program to win. I normally recommend a batch of involute oats in the diet ( every forenoon ) to help the seaweeds in metal remotion. For some individuals, adding the seaweed to the burgoo seems to rush metal remotion. This combination will be given to bulk the stool and cut down theodolite clip. I besides encourage at least 2L of H2O ( merely H2O, non drinks ) intake daily ; every bit good as frequent hot baths and sweat rooms with vigorous dry tegument brushing before and after each bath or sweat room.

Today, carrageenin is used in over 10 thousand proprietary industrial, nutrient, and wellness and beauty merchandises as a thickening, gelling agent, meat and sugar extender, medical specialties, and pigments. Red seaweeds incorporating carrageenins have been overharvested in many topographic points, including the intertidal zones of the Canadian Maritime Provinces and many of the Carribean Islands. Now, to run into demand, the world’s largest aquaculture farms are located in Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philipines, where the ruddy alga Euchemia is grown on cyberspaces. Historically, it has been used as a sexual lubricator in China, Korea, and Japan for millenary.

ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION On a really memorable visit to Caye Caulker in the Belizian Carribean, I had an interesting seaweed brush. Whilst sauntering along the unpaved way of the merchantile zone, we came upon a small juice base where fresh tropical juices were made and sold. The kids were thirsty as usual and so we got some Citrullus vulgaris banana Ananas comosus slurries for them. I noticed a twosome of recycled whisky bottles with hand-printed tape labels that read “SEAWEED DRINK” . I inquired about it. It was the most expensive point on show. The immature adult female in charge said she did non cognize much about its industry, but I could speak with the proprietor tomorrow at a clip designated. I bought a bottle and she recommended that I flavour it with rum or whisky, since it did non hold any intoxicant in it and it would botch rapidly in the tropical heat. “It do you strong, Monday! ” she assured me with a BIG smiling.

He told me that the procedure had been the same for 1000s of old ages, used by the Ancient Maya and the Arawaks and Caribs. Using stone-weighted poles with maulerss, the seaweed was spun off the seafloor and loaded into canoes or now little sailing boats and brought to shore where it was laid out in the Sun to be washed by rains and bleached by Sun until a yellowishwhite coloring material and no seaweedy flavours remained. The mass looked like hard-pressed pasta noodles when he gave me a large smattering of dried seaweed. He told me that merely like grapestone, it could be boiled many times and thick gel came out each clip, up to 12 times. Impressive. He was particularly loath to take me out to witness the crop or make some myself. The Rastafarians had the Seaweed Drink monopoly and possibly he feared my puting up a small drink base.

He had been in charge of the Sea Moss recovery plan in Santa Lucia, Virgin Islands.The popularity of Sea Moss as a virility drink had led to its extinction from all of the larger Carribean islands and locals were continually inquiring him during his research old ages at that place, where he had seen any Sea Moss It was really rare and occurred merely on bantam unsafe uninhabited bouldery islands He decided to seek and utilize basic seaweed mariculture techniques to turn Sea Moss utilizing starts from wild spots. It worked finally and many bays on the Virgin Islands, Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad, and other islands have ropes and poles turning Sea Moss to run into an spread outing market demand. The ruddy seaweeds, species of Euchemia, Gracillaria and Hydroputia were originally harvested to do a traditional pre-contact breakfast gruel, and to inspissate gelatins every bit good as brand comforting drinks. Now, Sea Moss is sold in tourer stores, featured in local jams and gelatins, and served as a particular cultural gruel to tourers.

CARRAGEENAN INHIBITION OF PAPILLOMA VIRUS INFECTION Papilloma viruses infect vertebrate tegument and mucosal tissues. Human infection with venereal HPV ( human villoma virus ) is really common with an estimated life-time hazard of infection at about 75 % . Most venereal HPV infections are sub-clinical and self-limiting, but some persistently infected persons have lesions that progress to malignant neoplastic disease. Certain sexually transmitted HPV are allegedly responsible for most, if non all, instances of uterine cervical malignant neoplastic disease, benign venereal warts ( condyloma accuminata ) , and a big part of ano-genital malignant neoplastic disease, and caput and cervix malignant neoplastic diseases. HPV-initiated cervical malignant neoplastic disease is allegedly the # 1 deadly malignant neoplastic disease amongst adult females worldwide.

I believe that carrageenin red seaweed infusion gels are effectual, comparatively cheap protection against the spread/acquisition of venereal HPV. There are no information yet about the existent or possible intervention with carrageenin of bing HPV lesions. Seaweed gels have been used as sexual lubricators for 5000 old ages ( 5,11 ) . Possibly the antiviral contraceptive action of ruddy seaweed gel as a microbiocide was recognized so. Carrageenan gel as a sexual lubricator is wholly comestible and a tissue stimulation. I suggest it should be investigated as a replacing for topical estradiol vaginal picks.

JORRP A rare ( 1/25,000 births ) HPV status is JORRP ( Juvenile Onset Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis ) , in which HPV-induced big benign tumours develop on air passage surfaces. The chief intervention is surgical remotion of repeating clogging multitudes. JORRP is thought to be vertically transmitted HPV types 6 or 11 from venereal warts during birth. Pharmaceutical class carrageenin gels could go a safe perinatal cervicovaginal preventive for JORRP and symptomless vertically transmitted HPV by adding the gels to the perinatal birth canal in adult females known to transport HPV types 6 & 11.

The minimum consequences produced a long narration in which the two lead writers ranted and repeated their long-standing iodophobia ( fright of dietetic I ) . The writers did profess their work to be “… supportive of the thought that seaweed, perchance via I, could be involved in chest malignant neoplastic disease prevention” . Their comparative treatment of thyroid disease and chest malignant neoplastic disease between American and Asiatic adult females is really conservative, challenging, and good referenced. I do non believe that Asiatic adult females traditionally ate either encapsulated Alaria seaweed pulverization or soybean protein isolate. This distinguishable factor likely invalidates strict cultural comparings of diets and subjects’ responses.

We agreed on a via media: tall ( l6 inches ) rubber boots, several sizes excessively big. Hot Fucus slurry, made from DRIED FUCUS, was poured into the boots and her pess placed in them, with about 2 inches between the top of the Fucus slurry and the top of the boot. That manner she could sit at her store, walk around, and maintain the boots on for four hours. Heat was a problem=keeping the boots and slurries warm. A hotpad applied external to the boots worked good. I provided both the boots and all of the Fucus she would utilize without charge. All she had to make was follow And that included no more buffoonery about, at work or place.

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